Why No Dark Knight Strikes Again Slipcase?

So, I’ve been buying up and reading the entirety of Frank Millar’s Dark Knight Saga over the last few weeks. I haven’t read any of it in probably 15 years(when I was a sophomore in HS) and am appreciating the secondary material more than I did all those years ago! DKSA definitely has some issues, but I think it still has a lot of merits that I missed as a younger fan.

Anyways: I’ve bought the Slipcase editions for both DKR and DKIII and love that presentation, but there’s no option similar for DKSA! I’d love to have the uniformity on my shelf! Even The Golden Child and Last Crusade have HC releases! Come on DC, don’t leave me hanging!


There is a hardcover editon of the book. :grin:

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@Squatteam1 There are two Absolute Editions of the Dark Knight. The first is the Absolute Dark Knight which includes both Returns and Strikes Again. The second is DK III. That would give you all three miniseries in the same oversized slip cased deluxe editions.



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I’m aware of the Absolute Editions, I’ve just already got the oversized (not quite absolute sized - lol) slipcase editions where each issue is an oversized hardcover. Not going to completely change formats again, especially since I really like having each issue as a stand alone thing. Makes the chapter breaks feel like they were meant to, as opposed to just turning the page to keep reading the next issue. Maybe I’m just weird?

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I literally just borrowed that version from the library

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Not at all. I hate it when the trade dress changes for a collection of books. Maybe check on custom binding for Dark Knight Strikes Again?

I bought DK III in the individual hardcovers, but I have the oversized Dark Knight Returns. Then Batman Year One is a regular size hardcover. So none of them match.

I was bummed when DC changed the spines on the Green Arrow paperbacks. The first five have a blue stripe at the bottom, but the last four are just white. Doesn’t anyone think about how they’ll look on a shelf?

I love how the Marvel Omnibuses have the same look and feel so they look great on a shelf. See below.