Why no Batgirl?

Sad to see next to no Batgirl , especially the most recent run. Just the Spoiler years.

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They don’t have Steph’s run here. There’s a couple of issues from Rebirth’s Birds of Prey run, and Batgirl Year One (which is Babs’s best story as Batgirl to date), and a lump of Cass’s stories.

I have yet to read Batgirl Year One, actually. So I’m excited for that one at least.

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There’s asks the first year of Cassandra Cain, but yeah, I’m surprised there isn’t more Babs on the app.

Cause Joker killed her…

Yes more Batgirl please.

Honestly, there are big chunks of comics that people would love to read that are missing. Batgirl is a surprising omission, but she’s not alone. I was hoping the comic library would be more comprehensive so you can easily go from the encyclopedia to relevant issues seamlessly.


We need more Batgirl :crossed_fingers:


Right! I was really hoping for the New 52 Batgirl series. It was one of the best comic book series I have read and that suit was so awesome compared to what she wears now.

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Ummm she is having back problems again

Definitely need as much Batgirl as possible on here. All of her stuff would be excellent, thank you! One of my favorite characters and I agree, @1Nightwing, loved that suit!

I’m all in for more Batgirl. So far, when a new show, trailer, character/team or new shows/series are added to this site they put a bunch of comic content related to that character up. So maybe when JL outsiders is close to airing they’ll put up a bunch of Oracle/Batgirl content. Here’s to hoping, no such thing as too much Batgirl for me.