Why New releases don’t come to the service

just a issue I have with this service and need a reason because that’s a main reason I purchased the service


Unless DCU actually paid for the production, it’s not coming here until the service that did pay for it plays it. Just because DC and DCU have the same owner; it doesn’t mean everything DC will be here. at least right away.

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Because this app is dirt cheap. Of course you aren’t going to get new releases.

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That’s my issue with the app also. You figure a dc movie would be on the dc app?

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DCU does get some new releases.

We get all of the DCU Originals first, of course. Titans, Young Justice, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn and Stargirl.

We also get new DC animated films the same day they are released on DVD. We’re getting the DC Spotlight: Shazam! retrospective.

We got the DCU-exclusive Young Justice comic. We get DC Daily every day.

It would help the powers-that-be if you’d let them know exactly what it is you want since ‘new releases’ is kind of vague. Comics? Films? Television shows? Video Games? Action figures? They really do listen. :grinning:

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It doesn’t mean the new movies and TV shows won’t be here: just don’t expect them while they are first run.

To the OP:
I’m confused. You signed up for this service for new releases of DC Animated movies or the DCEU movies?

New animated releases should be available on here the same day that it’s available on digital release. We didn’t even get Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So far all DCUAOMs have arrived the same day they release on Blu-Ray. The only reason Hush didn’t because the date of the Blu-Ray released was moved up a week. As for Batman vs. TMNT, it’s not a DCUAOM, it was made with Nickelodeon, and features characters owned by Nickelodeon.

The same day as Blu-Ray? That’s fantastic. That’s more than we should expect. When on earth has any show/movie that’s not an exclusive arrived on any streaming service on day one? Never. Because they need to sell it. The fact that we’re getting these so early is already good enough.

Now I understand wanting more (DC Universe is lacking in video content), but wanting it earlier? That just doesn’t make sense.