why let WB continue to make horrible DC movies? Should we protest by never supporting another DC live action film ever again?

Why can’t the WB and DC make a good Superman movie? Did it in the 80’s why not now? Is it so hard to research these characters? Must every director feel a need to tell their story? Is it to late to hire the Russo brothers? What’s wrong with starting over right now, it’s not like to fans would have an issue chalking the last few movies to alternate realities.

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I feel like we need Bruce Timm to reset the Whole DCEU.
From what I see with the upcoming Joker movie it more important than ever.

We need somebody to understand comics and fresh movies, no reboot I’m tired seen how come superman come to earth and how Bruce Wayne see how he’s parents died, and a new villain, thanks

I liked man of steel speak for yourself lol


I did , I speak for myself, I never say didn’t like it , but anyway it’s my opinion

No, they’d just stop making them all together. People just seem to value tropes over actual storytelling. You here so often “Superman is just a good person, hes a normal guy trying to do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do, why can’t they just make that movie”. Because that isnt a story, at all. And no, Superman is not normal. Nothing about him is normal. If he was normal, he wouldn’t always do the right thing and vice versa. What is his motivation to be so moralistic, ethical, and righteous st all times? Being raised on a farm in Kansas doesnt make you perfect. I know a couple people raised on farms, neither can even read that well. I’m not saying farmers cant read or that they’re dumb, just that isn’t enough to create a person as perfect as the Superman so many of the “fans” insist upon. What might make aim for it though is having a good father who let’s you know early on that with great power comes great responsibility, as nd that when people find out about you it will literally destroy their perception of reality.
Also, how would he ever really understand confrontation growing up without either accidentally killing someone or at least raising suspicions that he is a freak. This is all strong motivation for moralistic purity. What’s the complaint though? “Too much destruction! He should have drawn them into a secluded area” yeah, because that’s so realistic. I’m sure Zod would have followed him too, not like hes genetically engineered to accomplish his mission. No, sorry. That’s a ridiculous trope that does nothing for a story, it’s just an arbitrary complaint along with most of the complaints about MoS.
You know what else comes with being raised on a farm? Killing. Killing animals for food. Killing animals who are sick. A neck break would be an answer a farm boy would be familiar with.
So idk, I think they’re between a rock and a hard place because Superman has been cinematically arrested since the 1978 film and that seems to be the only version some people will accept. That film is great for an audience that thinks comic books are dumb and campy, makes the 3rd act that much more surprising. Peoples perception of these characters seem to be strongly influenced by Saturday morning cartoons and the old Superman movies. Its like “the fans” complaining have no idea what happens in the comics. They want Forrest Gump starring Henry Cavill in a Superman suit. Before anyone says “but All-star Superman…” Great story, not a great summer blockbuster nor a good starting point for character development or a serialized franchise. I think the complainers need to read more comic books and watch less children’s programming.


Also, has anyone ever thought that the reason we’re getting critically lambasted movies is BECAUSE of the complaints? They’ve been course correcting since MoS? “-We didnt make a billion, should we even bother making a sequel?
-Yes, but bring in the Bat, that’ll make a bill
-fans complained that it wasnt fun enough, what should we do?
-more jokes in Suicide Squad, give them that “lightness” they seem to hold so highly.
-They didnt like the movie, but they loved Margot
-Put her in charge!”

WB is being far too reactionary with their DC films. There’s no planning, no captain steering the ship, its just “lets throw sh** at the whiteboard and see what sticks!” “Oh our shared universe failed? Lets quietly retcon it and pretend it was never a thing going forward!” “Lets ignore what people did like about our movies and not exlpore it further and harp on what they hated and try and steer from that”.

They need a Kevin Feige. They need someone to crack the whip, tell them "get your sh** together and focus on making good movies instead of trying to reach Marvel heights in half the time, and lets try and get some good movies out before taking risks on projects like New Gods, Birds of Prey, a Joker origin film or Blackhawks.

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What happened to DC days of The Dark Knight :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

They already blew up Batman for so long & now it’s time to blow up Superman :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

They already got a script for the new Batman movie but they are like Superman stay right there under our feet.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:Why no one has a script for a legit Superman movie​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I can make a Superman script in under hours. Hes not that hard of a character to easily build around. They got that Batman script because DC want the Dark Knight money :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sorry​:joy::rofl::sweat_smile:Supergirl & Birds of Prey​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Why don’t they ever truly listen to the fans or even just the average movie goers. Everyone is dying to see Margot back on the screen as Harley Quinn. Fans quiver for Gotham City Sirens & u give them Birds Of Prey​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:with no Batgirl or Oracle but Harley Quinn taking her place​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Not to mention DC’s casting techniques.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:They simply hires whoever cums to audition rather than going out seeking actor & actresses perfect for the roles​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: This shall be their major downfall which is not truly putting forth the effort for the die hard fans. They truly don’t care & it makes me very sad being one of those fans. Like we have so many Batman live action films & hardly any Superman films. The casting even of Stargirl is sumwhat once again could of done better. The CW DC shows are always making their shows about gender politics. They seem so not into what anyone thinks but themselves.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hopefully that doesn’t happen