Why Jason Todd should live in titans

Even tho jason is a little brat to the team I still think he deserves to live and stay on the team because he can probably help the titans take down slade aka deathstroke he will come to use to the team some day and that some day will be awesome


I don’t care. I would eventually want to see him die because I like him as Red Hood. I want to see his character grow into that role.

Because he has not been it Titans long enough


His character needs to be developed more, before hitting a transition to another role. He’s got to have motivation to do so in the first place. Primarily it just seems like he wants to belong somewhere. I would love to have a change and not see him die, maybe something similar to Arkham knight with a different villain, and a much more neutral kind of character, but current Jason doesn’t fit that bill and it would take TIME to convincingly get him there. I really do like what they’re doing with him right now.