Why isnt the new animated Deathstroke series on DCUniverse?

Just saw the first episode on CW Seed and liked it! Any one else check it out? Why isnt this on DCUniverse?

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Because it’s on CW Seed.


Yes… yes it is.

I really enjoy it, though. You think we’d be getting burnt out on Deathstroke adaptations but this is so good!

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Because the CW paid for it.

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DC lent out a lot of shows, hence why “Everything DC owns” is not on DC Universe

I don’t think this can qualify as being “lent out”, though. It’s a CW Seed exclusive that they made

So there’s no new series on this app

I love that show. I wish it was on this app too. :unamused:

Not quite! A new series, DC Universe All-Star Games, is wrapping up its first season now. In a couple weeks we’ll be getting Season 2 of Harley Quinn. And then, Stargirl!

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We’re still waiting for episode 2, it’s taking forever!

I love this show too @Dames_Jean! We’ve been talking about it in this thread since it dropped if you’d like to join in an existing discussion: Deathstroke CW Seed Launches This MONDAY!. :grinning: :+1: