Why isn’t Batgirls Bronze Age Omnibus in TPB

I’ve noticed that there are two Batgirl Bronze Age omnibus books but they haven’t put any of them in the smaller tpb versions like they have Supergirls Silver Age and others. I wish DC Comics would be more consistent with these collections instead of doing some in tpb and not others. How many of you are annoyed by this?


Green Arrow doesn’t have trades nor House of…, and the latest omnibuses (Joker, Doom Patrol). I’d probably pick up a Batgirl Bronze Age vol.1 and Flash Silver Age vol.5 (if they keep their lines going).

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Chances are sales numbers don’t warrant it. If a book comes out in HB, they have a pretty good idea of how many TPB will sell. If the numbers don’t add up, they won’t do it. Also, there is the mktg strategy of only releasing in Hardback on a limited printing, making it more “collectible”.

Is it a question of cost? If the TPB came out and was the same price as the HB, would you still buy the TPB instead?

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It’s both cost and storage space not to mention the weight of those gigantic hardcover books. Plus I want to start collecting these and I want them all in one thing instead of some hardcover and some tpb.

Pollster Yeah I would consider buying all of the Flash Silver Age Volumes if they continue the line to. I noticed they haven’t came out with the volume 5 but hopefully it’s just been held up and hasn’t been abandoned. Hopefully they eventually releasing Batgirl and Green Arrow in tpb form at some point but only time will tell. I doubt it but I’m going to keep hoping.

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I think part of the issue with turning Batgirl Bronze Age into the TPB is that the producers may feel they have already done so with the Showcases. The only difference between the two is colorization. And, if they release Batgirl in color, then there will be fans (like me) that want the other Showcases turned into their respective age volumes in color. Another issue with reworking a previous line (although the Omnibus line reprinted all of Chronicles) is then will there be TPBs of Archives?.

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Are they still making Showcases? I have a few Wonder Woman ones but I can’t find them in the local comic stores like I was once able to.

The Showcase line ended once the Omnibus line began.