Why Is Your Favorite Your Favorite?

In this thread, I don’t just want to know who your favorite character is; I want to know what makes them your favorite.

I love The Question for a lot of reasons. He’s good but not the best detective or fighter in the DC universe, and he kind of unnerves the people around him, but he is always determined in pursuing his ideal of arriving at truth – even when that truth is inconvenient to him or contradicts his world view. I also love how he started as one kind of very rigid character and evolved into a more holistic, open-minded one, demonstrating to me at an important time in my life that people were capable of changing their character for the better and broadening their horizons. I also think it’s just a really cool character design.


I first started Swamp Thing because I was a fan of Alan Moore’s work and the idea and look of the character had a Gothic appeal to it. As a big Horror fan, I loved that aesthetic and I love the “misunderstood and sympathetic monster” trope. The more I read of him, the more I saw parts of myself in him. And I was pulled into the growing mythology and the type of stories this character would tackle, a lot of the time more philosophical situations than most comic book stories.


Thats hard for me to answer because my favorite switches from week to week.


I have a lot of favorite characters, but my all-time favorite is Batman. There are two reasons for this. First, he is one of the first superheroes to have a truly tragic origin. Let’s face it, Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered right before his eyes. It was that loss, his grief over his parents’ murders, that drove Bruce to become Batman. That makes him more relatable than other superheroes. I think i can safely say none of us are superman visitors from other planets, nor are we Amazon princesses, but all of us will lose loved ones at some point, even if it’s not in the tragic way Bruce Wayne did.

The other reason is Batman has no super powers. He’s simply a normal human trained to the peak of his abilities. Okay, he has more wealth than most of us can imagine, but Batman would still be formidable without the gadgets and vehicles his riches have bought. That also makes him more relatable than other characters.


I have a few favorites, but I’d like to highlight one in particular.

Lex Luthor is in my opinion, the perfect distillation of a supervillain. Lex has represented a lot of different facets of evil. He’s been a crooked corporate CEO, a corrupt politician, and a cackling lunatic. What really fascinates me about him is that Lex often knows he’s doing immoral actions. But as long as Superman exists, he’s going to do whatever he feels he has to to take him down.

Luthor is driven by fear of the other. He’s terrified that the privileges he’s had in life will be ripped away from him by Superman. But at the same time he’s also scared because Superman is too good to try it. That’s the one thing Luthor knows he can never be. He’ll always act out of self-preservation, whereas Superman will always act out of selflessness.

Luthor’s behavior is a self-fulfilling prophecy. And while he’s incredibly smart, he’s not self-aware enough to know this. The problem can’t be with him, or the system that made him who he is, that can’t be it. So it has to be Superman’s fault!

I’m a nerd for ethics and the ethics of Lex Luthor are so interesting to me. And when he’s written well, his dialogue is the most entertaining part of a given story. That’s why he’s my favorite villain in the DCU, as well as one of my favorite characters.


This is a very tough question because I can’t really put my finger on the reason. I think the reason I love Tommy Monaghan so much is his personality and his situation. He might be a mercenary, but he will only kill those who deserve it. Unlike most killers in DC, Tommy has a heart. He’s a respectable badass who always gets into crazy situations. I don’t know if that really explains why I love him so much, but this is the best I can do.


My default answer is Batman because he seems to be the most tonally versatile superhero. He has been written in wildly divergent ways since 1939, but each new take (usually) works, no matter how different it is.

But when someone writes him really well, I’ll take Superman over Bats.


Because I am me. I am the only me I got.


Hard question indeed. I usually avoid threads like this and thinking about it in general because I don’t have an answer.

Forcing myself, I’m going to say Wonder Woman. I think she has all the best qualities of Batman and Superman and is the most pragmatic of the three. I love that Diana considers most other women “sisters”, even enemies. She’s just plain stunning. And she doesn’t care. Fierce fighter, cool rope…You know the rest.

I’ve never loved her rogues gallery, that’s where Batman beats her easily but despite that, on average, it’s her.


I like Grifter because he is the least powerful member of a team, but he’s out front loud like he’s the big deal. Has a power, but hates using it. Keeps his costume in a pocket, two seconds and he’s ready to go. Has a thing for a woman way out his league, but keeps shooting his shot all the time.

Most importantly Grifter has a problem with authority like me. Cole pokes at it like a kid finding a mostly dead animal. Doesn’t matter who thinks they have it, Majestic, Helspont, or Emp, Grifter is there to tell you “might” be in charge, but are you really?


Prime bc he’s a beast & everyone hates him & he doesn’t care lol & now he’s redeemed


I would argue that Prime actually cares a lot


Hmmm I would say care as in didn’t wanna fight them but nobody would listen so he kept on going & going & let his confused misplaced anger get the best of him wit everybody trying to fight/kill/ or lock him away but I don’t think he cared in a sense of this is wrong why am I still doing this etc etc