Why is the Titans season finally so off topic?

Anyone else confused by the sudden switch of topics? The season finally looks like it’s the start of a new season and a new topic but they haven’t wrapped up the Trigon and Raven story arch. I can’t imagine they’re going to fit two major story arch themes into one episode? That just seems rushed and sloppy. So why leave us hanging with Trigon and go off on a Batman adventure after an entire season build up to him and Raven?

Seems odd to me. Seems the Batman part can wait until next season

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Im assuming its a fantasy of some sort by trigon


Once you realize that S1’s central theme is Dick Grayson’s growth and transformation, it doesn’t seem off-topic. Raven is there as a reflection of his dark side, Starfire is a shard of his passion, Gar is an aspect of the innocence he lost. This is Dick’s story.

Similar to the other flashbacks and hallucinations we’ve had this season, the scenes we saw in the trailer are probably from Trigon’s attempt to corrupt Dick. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy in the Batsuit is Dick himself (think Luke Skywalker fighting Vader in Empire). He’s already fought his younger self; fighting a version of his future self - the one he fears most - seems appropriate for the theme of the show.