Why is DC Daily not on YouTube anymore?

Why is DC Daily not on You Tube anymore? I’ve seen people complaining about it online who are not in the US and watched it on there each day.

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I saw it on YouTube yesterday.

New episodes aren’t showing up for me either. The last time I seen it was over a week ago.


Guys I am pretty sure they are wondering on how to deal with swamp thing

DC Daily is unlocked here for free now, so the link on the dccomics.com page just links over here.

The YouTube channel should probably reference the change, so people who just use YouTube know.

I didn’t know Dc Daily was on YouTube. Can’t you get it for free on here though?

DC daily on YouTube is only partially there; you’re always told at the end if you want to see the rest of this go subscribe to DC Universe

I know you can watch it here for free (no sub) now. Originally, I think just clips were available without a subscription, based on the link from dccomics.com (which took you to YouTube).

Thank you for reaching out with this question, @stuartbeausire1985.4882. We absolutely do appreciate your interest in DC Daily. We wanted to assure you, and others in this thread, that DC Daily is still releasing new episodes every Monday and Friday. However, we will be releasing these episodes exclusively on DC Universe, rather than uploading to Youtube. We do hope that this helps to clear up any confusion. :slight_smile:


Ah, I see. A guess everyone else around the world will have to wait until the service is made world wide. I know people are upset about this.

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@Zatanna Did you just say Monday AND Friday? Not THROUGH? Is DC Daily going down to twice a week?

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DC Biweekly

@HubCityQuestion From what I can tell, it doesn’t look like DC Daily is changing up its release days, just becoming exclusive to the DCU service. :green_heart:

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No worries, we just have two separate narratives from two different mods. Kelex, feel free to offer your take on all this too.

I maybe heard that DC Daily will be broadcasting 5 days a week, but it’ll be exclusively on AM radio only, bottom of the dial. In addition, we all ()I think I heard) will have access to the DC Digital Library, but we have to read the pages by fax, one page at a time, 3 pages a day.

But other than that, nothing is changing with DCU, all good!

I think we have one mod (Zatanna) who made a typo. It happens.

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I agree. Just joshin

I broke the 4th wall and they pop up here

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