Why is Batman considered the most realistic hero

I get annoyed when people say someone says Batman is the most realistic superhero and someone could actually become him. No one could become Batman his levels are near godlike. I feel the odds of a Superman are just as realistic with how over powered Batman is.

He used to be far more realistic. Pick up a Bronze Age comic and expect Batman to get bonked on the head and tied up on a regular basis.


This is true fair point. But the people I hear it are usually talking about more modern Batman. But I will agree older issues do paint him as more realistic.

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He’s… not. He’s really not.

And I don’t consider “realism” a good thing (not bad, either, just a thing that’s not as important as some people think it is). But he’s the one who’s most widely known for not having superpowers, so inarticulate people ascribe his coolness to “realism.”

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I agree. People wrongly conflate realism with “better”, citing movies like the Nolan trilogy (which is wholly unrealistic itself). Realism CAN be good, but it shouldn’t be the metric by which we judge a piece of fiction.