Why I Think Killer Croc Is Underrated

He is a misunderstood freak, no one ever loved him or carred about him, that is why he is like this, but in the comic reqium for a killer, he finds a community, of people, that care about him and he helps, them and in the end dies for them Killer croc is not a bad person, if he has people that care about him, he is a selfless, person, but fo most of his life no one loved, but that simpithedic croc is never betrayed in movies and tv,so most people thing killer croc, is a monster, when his is not!


I like Croc and would like to see more of him. We’ve seen Batman work beside Harley Quinn, Killer Frost and Clayface, why not Croc. He loved Enchantress and she loved him back. he fought for the good guys in Gotham Monsters and he’s stood up for the homeless in the Gotham sewers. I think he’d make a great “converted” hero.


You just described Batman Earth One.


Back when Batman The Animated Series first aired, it would be the first time I ever hear about Killer Croc and became a fan of him.
On any series, I don’t think there was ever a bad episode of him, cause he’s such a great Villain for Batman.:grinning:
Later this year I’ll have him as a character of the week for A Year Of Batman The Animated Series in DC Animated Club.:slightly_smiling_face:


I Also a huge fan Croc . Have you read on the Suicide Squad comic someone did love him his romantic relationship Name June Moone also know Enchantress.

For example When asked about the motivations behind his heroism, Croc explained that his feelings for June were summed up as clearly and concisely as possible: he didn’t want to eat her. And since he wants to eat everyone, that’s really saying something. After that June and Croc made out and slept together in swear cell.

If you want see more about it find the Suicide Squad 2016-2019. trust me you going to love it.

I really liked Killer Croc in his first appearance, when he was a rising mob boss who killed (pre-Crisis) Jason Todd’s parents. After that…meh.

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Pre-Crisis Killer Croc still exists, he just changed his name to Black Mask


Not one mention of his rock throwing skills? I’m shocked.


They are big rocks.