Why haven’t the new animated movies haven’t been added to the app

Just wondering why we haven’t got any of the latest animated DC movies on the app since Batman hush

Their new policy is to add them 90 days after their dvd release date.


Oh that’s a bummer. One of the cool things of the service was that those were released same day as physical.

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Well that sucks . Getting those movies the week after they come out was half the reason I got this app . Also made up for only having one original show at a time . I own basically all the content they offer and can watch it on my Vudu . When did they announce that new policy?

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Around October 3rd, it was part of the news from NYCC.

Thanks for the info . Once the year Is up I’m not renewing the app

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I’m sorry to hear that. I find it worth my money, and I hope something comes along, like Harley Quinn, that changes your mind.

I mean no disrespect with this comment but with all of the great content on here, with the thousands and thousands of comics on top of the movies and shows, community section, and shop. Why let ONE minor(but admittedly disappointing) change like that make you give up the app?

Possibly the person uses this more as a streaming service and doesnt really use the rest of the service.

Personally I have physical copies of the movies so I just use the service for the shows and the comics.
But that’s just me.