Why Hasn't DC Crossover with Super Sentai?

dc has crossed over with Power Rangers, specifically the mighty morphing power rangers but what about the original supersentai(I don’t mean Gorenger, just super sentai in general). I would love to see an American superhero team, team up with a Japanese super hero team.

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Think of the children. The awesomeness will destroy the Earth.

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We are the childrens!

I don’t know. Costume transformations, giant robots… isn’t that more of a Spiderman thing? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Seriously, though, JLA/MMPR existed simply because MMPR had such a nostalgia factor with its American audience. I’m not sure super sentai has such an iconic series to work with. I suppose they could just use whatever the current series is, though. (No idea what that is, TBH. The last ones I watched were ToQger and the one with the Buddyloids.)

I will say, though, in terms of DC properties, the young Toyman seems like an obvious choice.

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OK, wait, I’ve got one: Teen Titans vs. Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger

The Titans are fighting Dr. Light, and Raven opens a portal for a surprise attack from behind.
Meanwhile, the Evoliens open a portal from Dino Earth to attack the Abarangers again. The two dimensional portals interact and cause a vortex that pulls Tyranno and Ranru into Jump City, and Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg into Another Earth. Cy builds a cybernetic suit for BB so he can take Tyranno’s place, while Robin (who just happens to possess dinoguts), helps coordinate the attack from the air atop Ptera.

Meanwhile, the girls (and their giant, sentient tyrannosaurus) easily dispatch of Dr. Light, but inadvertently draw the attention of another menace.


Oh i see you’re talking about the Japanese spiderman show by toei

I never seen mmpr, so I had no nostalgia for that series, I grew up with the disney era of pr so I have nostalgia for those.

Gorenger or Gokaiger, I’m leading more to Gokaiger since they can turn into any sentai. Oh and the current sentai Kiramager but Idk anything about it.

i could see that, maybe it could be about Hiro fan boying with Gai(Gokai silver) over super sentai.

I love it!