Why has there never been a Flash animated series?

I never understood why The Flash has never got an animated series. I mean surley people would have watched that show bbn like crazy. I always thought it was Odd Krypto The Super Dog got a show, Legion of Superheroes got a show, Teen Titans and Green Lantern got a show but never Flash? Even Justice League never really gave The Flash his due no origin stories or even any mention of Barry Allen.

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The flash did have a cartoon show that was featured as part of the Superman Aquaman hour of Adventure back in the late 1960’s and was part of the Justice League during the SuperFriends run during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

By the time the JL cartoons came around, Barry Allen had been dead for almost 20 years(back when that kind of meant something), by that point Wally had been pretty widely accepted as the main flash.

The thing is Warner always puts huge embargoes on characters in a given franchise.Back in the 70s Riddler wasn’t allowed to be on the New Adventures of Batman because he was already on Super Friends. If they Did a Flash series now it would almost HAVE to be a Wally West driven series because Barry is the driving force of the Live Action series. (Not that i would mind that…I’m a huge Wally West Fan as it is.) The upside is that most of Wally’s rogues die out as soon as they’ve been used in Barry’s show. (Even if in name only) Zoom, Savitar, Girder etc…

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