Why Hal Jordan became a Villain

While I didn’t read the comic and not sure if DC has it in the library, here’s what I think happen since I made this up. Let’s see how close I am to being right…
Hal Jordan was in a bad mood one day, and the Guardians wanted to talk to them, when talking turns to arguing, the Guardians took Hal’s ring away, and sent him back to earth. Meanwhile the Guardians had the green ring choose someone to replace Hal, and the ring chose Kyle Raynor! When Hal heard about the new Green Lantern he became so furious and with Jealous and hate, he became Parallax and becoming a main villain for the new Green Lantern. Kyle tries to make peace with Hal, but when Hal won’t listen, they became a enemies.

I did see that years later, Hal became a good guy once again. Thankyou DC for bringing him back as the Green Lantern. :slightly_smiling_face:

What green Lantern issue is that in

I made a story up, I was hoping that DC can tell me why Hal became a villain back in the 90s. And hope they’ll release a comic book of it. They didn’t respond to my question probably cause they didn’t like the title ‘Why DC Why.’ That was not smart of me. So here’s hoping.

Hal went bad because his hometown was destroyed. There was real questions as to how it was handled, but I think it took a while to sink in. That, and it was later revealed/retconned that Hal had been possessed by Parallax for some time before that happened.

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So that’s how, Thankyou for letting me know. :slightly_smiling_face: