Why Geoff Johns' GREEN LANTERN Will Make You a Hal Jordan Fan

Looking for somewhere to start with all these shiny new comics on the service? Why not try this recommendation of Geoff Johns’ GREEN LANTERN, expertly outlined in this article, which you can find in the News section of DC Universe:


Is Geoff Johns’ run of GREEN LANTERN your favorite take on the willpowered warrior? What other arcs or approaches to the character and universe do you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!


Absolutely my favorite w/o a doubt. I was working thru the silver age Lanterns b4 Johns’ run was added. It covers everything in the Silver Age that needs covering, & stretches so far beyond. I’d read Blackest Night all at once b4, but never that many of Johns’ issues straight thru. Never digital either. Absolute visual feast on my tv screen.


Just started it!

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Johns’ run in GL are the same reconstituted plot arcs over and over again. Every time Tomassi’s far superior runs in GLC started to outshine GL, all of a sudden, Johns created an all-inclusive story that forced Tomassi to prematurely end his well-developed stories. I’ve read for years how much Johns loves Hal Jordon, but all he does is kill him and bring him back to life…what? 4 times now? To be fair, Johns’ Booster Gold run was incredible and vastly overlooked.

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Oh absolutely, Geoff Johns’ run on GL is my favorite GL anything, bar none!

“Let’s light 'em up!”

SN: Robert Venditti’s run on New 52 GL and Hal Jordan and the GLC ain’t too shabby either. Very good stuff.


Without a doubt Geoff’s run on Green Lantern is the best of all time! Made me the big Hal Jordan fan I am today.

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I read once that however comics are when you first start reading, that’s YOUR version. Maybe your Batman is gray and blue, your Superman is electric, or your Wonder Woman has curly hair. For me, I always think of Kyle Rayner as being my Green Lantern. Ever since Jordan came back, it seems like no one knows what to do with Rayner. That said, Johns run did make me a fan of Hal Jordan.

Kyle had a great run in Hal Jordan and the GLC. He went back to his classic look too.

If you haven’t read them, give Green Lantern: New Guardians and The 2015 to '16 volume of The Omega Men a whirl (especially TOM, which is on DCU).

Kyle shines his ring proudly in both of those titles as well as HJ and the GLC.

Yeah Rebirth made me a Hal fan for sure. I loved the idea that the reason he’s so good is because his worst fear already happened when he was a kid