Why doesn't DC get Wonder Woman

Why doesn’t DC understand that if they don’t promote Wonder Woman they can’t maintain a consistent momentum on her popularity?


My question is, why do they hate her so much? Her live action movie was DC’s biggest hit, that I take it? Or at least close? And the studio that got two guys who told everyone how much they didn’t want to do Batman and Superman to do exactly that are still up in the air on the WW sequel? It’s coming out in 2 years right? They can’t use the same negotiation tactics on Patty Jenkins and co to whip up another profitable movie? Plus, they almost always make her annoying and (for me) OOC in the animated fare. Then again, throw in my tinhat theory about origin stories and I guess it adds up.


@dogwelder9 , both moreso with her animated features. bloodlines isn’t even out and they are already featuring RedSon on DC daily. Where is the hype for her movie?


Bloodlines should be a big deal.

Bloodlines should be a big deal.

WW is coming out next year.

^ Cool! and thanks

Awesome stats! I’d like to see something like this weekly or monthly, broken down by medium (floppies, tpb, merchandise, etc.) and franchise (Batman, Superman, WW, etc.). I know that’ll never happen, but it’d be nice to see.


@harley333 On icv2 you can find sales figures for monthly comics and trades. Here’s the link to the top 500 singles for Aug 2019. It’s quite fascinating. Sales will often halve between issues one and two. Sustaining is hard.


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But yeah I’ve never understood why the big comic book companies seem to never push their heroines

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I’d love to see a breakdown of sales demographics. A majority of comics are still bought by guys. Female buyers are ramping up, but, the disparity remains.

We are finally seeing more female writers and artists. That should help but will still take time.

Bringing back some of Marsten’s original ideas, like more bondage would be good but is fraught with sociopolitical peril. So we’re unlikely to get that.

Arguably WW is the most purely iconic member of the trinity. Yes, Bats and Supes May be more well known across the planet, but WW is THE feminist icon. She was on the first cover of Ms. magazine for a reason. So there is an inherent component with WW (as we saw in Marston’s work) that is sexual in nature. Until comics start embracing more sexuality and greater sexual themes, WW will never get her just due. She is the one member of the trinity who has that component embedded in her DNA. If comics embraced sexuality with 10% of the effort they embrace violence, comics would be in a very different place.

One can only hope that at some point we start to leave behind our puritanical views on sex & sexuality. When we do, WW will, rightfully so, become the most important member of the trinity.

What holds WW back is still a fundamentally patriarchal & puritanical society. Marsdon made this point many times. He was right then and he’s still right today. Feminism has made its inroads but, unfortunately, still has a long way to go in our society.