Why doesn't Batman just use one of the psychics he knows to fix Nightwing?

I mean they both know more than enough. Omen, Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian heck I’m pretty sure Zatanna could do it I mean if she can take away memories I bet she can bring them back not mention other magical people like Raven, Dr Fate or Constantine.

Because he respects his decision lol. Batman knows he brings darkness to whoever is around him. He’s not gonna force Dick to be his sidekick.

I think it could be two things. Either Batman wants to give Dick space and see him pull through on his own or Batman wants to keep the situation within the Bat Family giving him less options. Either way Batman loves Dick like a son and he’ll want to treat it as a family matter

Honestly, I think it’s because he’s had experience with psychics. And he doesn’t want to risk it.

That’s the realist question asked yet.

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I am not up on recent comics too much but isn’t Identity Crisis still cannon? If so that should answer that question. lol

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