Why does Sandman (Wesley) Always Die First?

In Kingdom Come he dies in the opening few pages.

In JSA he literally dies before the first issue.

In Smallville they show restraint by not killing him in the opening scene. They kill him in his opening scene.

In Stargirl His corpse and only his corpse (except for Starman) is shown in the opening scene

In Injustice Year Zero there was a red herring he would not die first.
I did not fall for it.

I just know he will appear in The Black Adam movie and die in the opening credits.


I think it’s because Wesley, in his trenchcoat, mask, and hat, is the platonic ideal of the “mystery man” movement that defined the early pulpy Golden Age. His death marks the end of the first era of heroes as we move to the future.


Sandy might want his old suit back then.

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he’s easy to kill(requires little CGI) to up the stakes

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2 of the 5 above are in TV and the other 3 are comics. I think his Smallville death cost a pretty penny.

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confession I’ve never watched smallville, but i was thinking of Stargirl, but my point on raising the stakes still stands, his death proves exs threat/villain what have is dangerous


No joke, his death episode is the best episode of Smallville.

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