Why does DC Hate Us

Just watched episode 10, it had to be some of the worst moments of any dc show I have ever seen. And I have watched every episode of all the dc cw shows and believe me they are cringy. I really hope I don’t have an unpopular opinion here but the Batman killing people thing is absolutely disgraceful. I hope people are right and it is a dream. The writing for raven makes her a helpless little girl who is overly emotional. Whereas I believe she was at her best in other dc shows when she was callous, separated, and emotionally scarred to a degree but not so needy and annoying. Starfires outfit looks like a stripper not a the alien badass she should be. Beast boy isn’t bad, and I actually like dick. Besides those 2 characters though I so far have felt that so much of this show is cringy and has such poor writing. Not just for the actual lines but how the characters mesh on screen and the plot. I am a diehard dc fan though so I’ll keep watching for eternity. Just so frustrated that dc keeps putting out garbage that I have to watch. Hoping shazam is a great movie.


I’m 95% sure it’s some kind of dream or hallucination or something. It would make no sense to go from building up this confrontation with Trigon to that out of nowhere, unless it’s some kind of hallucination that he causes.

Raven kind of IS still a little girl. This is all new to her. I think in time she’ll master her abilities and be more the Raven that we know.

Beast Boy is cool. I like that he’s feeling remorseful for what he did.

Starfire hasn’t won me over just yet.


The trailer for the last episode has Starfire and Trigon as cops. Nuff said


You’re not alone, bud. The show overall is the cheese. Very slow, very cliché, bad acting it breaks the spell of immersion, and the superheroes using their abilities is ultra limited. Episode 6 is the only entertaining episode by far.

I can’t stress enough that the best depiction of the Titans outside of the comics is Justice League vs Teen Titans and Teen Titans The Judas Contract. Live action is tough, man. Especially in this day and age where it’s so obvious that live performances are just people playing make belief, and that it’s no mystery that film studios are simply trying to earn as much as possible with very little investment as possible.

DC’s representatives with their forced enthusiasm (DC Daily) is indicative of really wanting to sell such hype for this show.

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Man, we are living in 2 separate worlds. They are starting a brand new show from scratch. Ravens character just started realizing her powers not to mention that she even had any. Starfires outfit is the most clothed version of Koriand’r I’ve ever seen. There’s a huge number of people on this site that self admittedly had never even heard of the Titans or were brand new to DC or to comics period. This show has pulled off the perfect balancing act of satiating die hards & lifers, while simultaneously educating newcomers w/o being boring for either. Not being combative just a difference of opinion I guess.


Funny…people were perfectly fine with Starfire looking like a Stripper in her traditional comic. Book costume theat barely covered her body. But for some reason this TV Live action version of her has you all triggered. Lol


I actually like all the characters on titans.
But whay do all the DC fans keep saying Batman dosnt kill ? Since when? Can ANYONE explain this phenomenon. This is the star character in the DC universe and every thread. Oh Batman dosnt kill. Yes he dose. Always has. Addam West didn’t kill.


@giantrobo70.516 I agree. I mean it is not a real eye catching costume she has in the tv series, I wish they would change it. But it’s not like she would look more “classy” wearing a rubber band. And it is clear in this show they want them to be able to blend in with the masses. Not like Raven or Beast Boy’s costumes are comic book accurate.

If there’s one good thing about the season ending for Titans next week until probably 2020 is that it should be the end of multiple Titans threads every damn day across all sections. No more complaints, confusion and excitement that can’t be contained in one single thread already made and thread titles such as this one.

Should be more peaceful on here. Then again, they’ll likely be some “what is your favorite Titans episode/moments"threads and it’ll be be the same shit all over again”


Hey guys! Just a heads up: I will be moving this thread to the “TV, Film, & Games” category, as it seems a more appropriate fit for the discussion topic. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Dude I’m the same way man. I’ll never stop watching the show bc I’m DC all the way, but goodness gracious Batman killing people as the entire plot of the 2 hour finale??? Cmon dawg they can think of something… ANYthing better that that. It’s just shameful. I don’t mind the other stuff quite as much but I do agree with you. They need to put a little more effort into the writing. Still a pretty good show tho IMO.

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I see where you’re coming from, but I’m actually quite satisfied with the Titans TV show. Kory’s outfit may seem strange at first, but I think it really fit her well since her character is supposed to be a little strange but fearless and badass. We know that this version of Kory is heavily inspired by the 80s comic, and I think Anna Diop nailed her portrayal in the show. Rachel is emotional, and that’s how she was in the 80s comic as well. The writers had to give her that emotional vulnerability to show that her friends are what empowers her and gives her strength. I personally don’t think she was too emotional, and that the writers made her sufficiently emotionally distant, so I never thought it was really a problem. Gar shines in this series and he’s probably my favourite in the whole show. Ryan Potter nailed it. I’m okay with Dick Grayson, but I do feel that he can be a little less angsty sometimes. There’s been a little too much focus on Dick, but I understand that this is necessary to set him up into becoming Nightwing. I just hope the team can wrap this whole thing up in the finale episode.

If you hate everything so far, well, it would be a great comfort for you to know that I already saw Aquaman and it was amazing. It truly exceeded all my expectations, and perhaps it will exceed yours.


I see your viewpoint. However, you are forgetting one fundamental aspect of the whole idea: the show is just an adaptation of the source material. Sure, Starfire’s look may not be widely accepted by the audience, and the tone could be found a bit darker than usual. But these shows are just different moldings of the original ideas found in comic books. Even some comic books


can be found differently from the original (ex. The Dark Knight Returns). But the important thing is that the backbone is still there. Titans could make the heroes darker, reckless, and a bit murdery at times. But, at the end of the day, Robin was a sidekick to Batman, Starfire is an alien from the planet Tamara (forgive my spelling), Beast Boy came from a different team of superheroes (Doom Patrol), and Raven possesses demonic powers. The setup may be different, but that is called creativity. (also, this message was accidentally broken up into two due to my thumb, so I apologise for any confusion…)