Why does DC disrespect Superman so much?

DC seems to have no faith in its flagship hero


If you don’t have the right take on the character then it is hard to write a character that is so perfect, morally and powers-wise. So I’m not sure it’s disrespect so much as not finding that right take.

Do you have an example?

Please explain?

In Man of Steel Superman was only allowed to be Superman in that movie for what felt like 5 minutes.

In BVS Theatricsl cut you barely saw Superman and we mostly saw him get beat up and killed.

In Justice League they did a absolutely HORRIBLE job of covering his mustache! It’s all I could stare at was his disfigured face! It looks like they weren’t even trying.

Then in Justice league they didint give him the all black suit even though they teased and led the fans on about it during the filming of the movie.

Then instead of fleshing him out as a character they did a complete 360 personality change that was really jarring and out of place.

Now they are saying that they arent planning g any Superman movies for the next few years, they got rid of Cavil who has been playing ball patiently waiting for his sequel all this time supporting DC, always positive, never bad mouthing g publicly like sime others have andnow you DC yeah you! You get rid of him and already trying to recast him and change his race in the middle of continuity with Aquaman and WW84 about to come out?

I’m a person of color and while I love and want more diversity and inclusion in my super hero movies I still want it to be done in a dignified way that makes sense and within context. This universe is already a confusing mess and you are just adding to the frustrations and confusion to the die hard fanbase and general moviegoing audience.

Now it seems like your just being reactionary as usual and pushing all your female characters without taking your time and developing quality stories and fleshing out the characters.

Its like you forced this brooding, depressed, insecure version of Superman down our throats and just when we try ti embrace him and the actor you have chosen for the role who is beloved despite all the problems DCEU had you just disregard him and the feelings of the fans.


Honestly, since Christopher Reeve died, the best depiction of Superman in the movies was in the Man of Steel trailer.

While I see where you are coming from, consider this.

Sum up the number of tv-shows and movies that DCs two male flagship superheroes have gotten through the years, then do the same with the two flagship female or PoC heroes have gotten through the years.

Is Superman truly being treated disrespectful or like a king in comparison?

No @Coville, that’s probably the thing that matters least in this discussion.

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DC very much fails to understand Superman. This company disrespects, and has no faith in the character. What they have done with him in the movies is despicable, and what they have done with him in the show Supergirl is down right shameful. Obviously, no one high up in this company understands what an amazing character Superman is, and the incredible storytelling potential he has.


First and foremost: Y’all do realize that its not DC Comics who is doing this to him its WB.
Now on one hand if you actually knew the orignal and then revised plan for what is now referred to as the DCEU you wpuld fully understand. The original intent was to created a grounded universe by telling a story that lead up to and highlighted the events and choices that shaped the big blue that we know. Then after reaching a stailmate with the production company the direction changed to building a darkverse showing the events and choices leading to Ultra Man and his Justice Society. And one of the team up films was going to be Crisis on Infinite Earth which is why in Justice league Batman looked like Owlman on crack, Aquaman was a douche, Flash’s suit look fakken weird. Now originally we were going to see the 7th member of the JLA but Snyder got into a fight w/WB and Whedon took over played kiss ass and that is how we got the half ass bs DCEU we have today


@theprofessortap I thought Tyler Hoechlin’s version was pretty spot on. What was it about him that didn’t work for you?

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His acting is fine that is notnl what they mean. They mean that dc makes the greatest super hero ever look like a chump far too much.

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@Gr8Detective, Aquaman has always been a douche.

As far as everyghing else goes, I also don’t understand why Supes is considered the “flagship” when it’s clear all the money is banked in Batman. Supes wouldn’t even be in my top five, and I know lots of other people that agree with that. Almost everyone I know has Batman somewhere near the top. Still, the Supes movies are better than his comics. To me, the true Superman is the one we see in Red Son and Injustice. Most of the rest of them are just fake-ass boy scouts.

It’s not DC, it’s WB that doesn’t know how to handle the source material and apply it to the big screen. They did good with MoS but dropped the ball in giving us a proper sequel. I mean BvS opens 18 months later. That would’ve been perfect for the sequel to take place during that time. Then give us BvS:UE, not that hacked up TC version that was released in the theaters.


He was fine under Snyder and felt a lot like post-crisis Superman to me.


Aside from the mustache issue in JL, I personally love Cavill’s portrayal as Superman. People usually complain and say he’s not a superhero in those films, but he basically sacrificed himself in BvS to save everyone, which is the most heroic thing anyone could do, and by the end of the three films, he truly stood for hope. I only wish JL wouldn’t have turned out the way it did, and we could’ve seen what Snyder’s full vision was. Side note, you do realize that Michael B. Jordan replacing Henry Cavill was just a rumor right? Don’t believe everything you read.


My friend, if you have somehow not read the Peter Tomasi/Patrick Gleason run of Superman you are doing yourself a disservice! Some of the best written Superman you’ll find out there!

Sure, it wasn’t as popular as Tom King’s Batman but who cares? Yes WB and DC are prioritising all things Bat but you can look past that and unveil the hidden treasures that await you. Happy hunting!


First off, there is no “correct way” to do Superman and you cant really disrespect a fictional character. There really is only the version you liked vs a version you dont. Superman is almost 80 years old and has undergone major changes to stay relevant all that time. Saying anyone version is correct or wrong is really just a fan being precious about “their version”.
Secondly, as much as Superman is a beloved national icon, he is also a product. The people who sell this product have known Superman has a perception of being lame, unbelievable, and too fantastical to take seriously, for a very long time. Superman as he exists in the Donner film doesnt resonate with modern audiences. He is too 1 dimensional personality wise and the cinematic world he exists in might as well be a cartoon. The only people who can relate to such a simplistic take on “conflict” are children. Some people would say that is the “correct” way to portray Superman, unfortunately it is proven box office Kryptonite too.
Superman 3 and 4 are absolute garbage as films, both critical and financial failures. Trying to go back to the Donner well was their approach for Superman Returns, which also failed to resonate with audiences at the box office. Man of Steel on the other hand, for every person who says they hate it and it gets the character wrong, there is another who says they love it and it finally got the character right. For all the "yes, you finally got Superman right in JL, there is another bemoaning the regression to an unrelatable ball-of-cheese from a time when superhero movies alienated comic book fans. Neither person is right or wrong and neither is the “true fan”.
There were “true Superman fans” who insist Superman would never kill a living creature and that is why they hate MoS. When you show them Superboy killed Zod with Kryptonite in the comics, their complaint changes to “too much destruction, he should have led Zod somewhere secluded” when you point out that is generic, cliche, and very unrealistic, it changes to “he didnt smile enough, that makes him emo, Superman is supposed to be fun”. Because $%#% context and character development, he should just be Christopher Reeve Superman AND some how be interesting. They cancel each other out.
It’s a logical fallacy brother, correct and incorrect, being insistent or precious as a fanbase about any version of Supes ignores another version and another fanbase, and in the end it results in WB not making Superman movies, as demonstrated with recent statements. They are kind of damned if they do, damned if they dont.


I also think the complaints that Cavill’s Superman is brooding and emo to be absolutely contrived, it’s a serious reach that you’ll only make if you want to hate on MoS. Look around the real world, who has “smiling” as their default face? Have you seriously never heard of character development?! Or do you just not see it as important to telling an ENGAGING story? Because virtually every writer on Earth disagrees, including anyone who ever wrote a Superman comic…its like you all want a Popeye cartoon where he is jacked on spinach from the first frame to the last, what would the conflict be? How would he resolve it?
If you guys complaining were trying to get Superman off the silver screen, pat yourselves on the back.


He’s pretty much been the Superman we all know and love since Rebirth. They’ve brought him back to his former glory, in my opinion.

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