Why Do YOU think Superman Is a Timeless Icon?

So, I’ve been thinking and I want to know: why do my fellow DC fans think Superman is such a timeless icon and one of the greatest heroes ever created.

For me, when I see Superman, I don’t just see a hero that upholds American values, but I see a hero that trys to protect the world not because he has amazing powers or because he has to, but because he knows it’s right.

There are many things that bring hope to people:

Spider-Man’s quips in the face of insane odds.

The sound of the TARDIS.

The kind words and wisdom of Yoda.

The reassuring words of Captain America

The power of the Avatar.

But the most important of all is Superman. He is the alien who taught us what it truly means to be human and for that, he will always be one of the best men in this or any universe.

Picture is a Superman 9/11 tribute.


Reading stories about him gives me hope. Not because of how powerful he is, but how he chooses to use that power to help others.


Spot on!


The appeal for me lies in the Clark persona. He’s the incredibly powerful being but at his heart he’s just a guy from Kansas. He’s incredibly grounded in his family and loved ones. It’s because of that love that he’s able to do what he does. I find that so comforting and endearing. He’s just a lovable galoot.


1: Damn. Well said.

2: Who still says “Galoot”?


The reasons are many, but among the tops in my list of why Superman is timeless is that truth, justice and hope are timeless and always will be.

Superman happens to be a great avatar of these timeless concepts and as such, he endures.


True. That’s why a character like the Injustice Superman is so shocking.


Superman also endures because he’s a snazzy dresser. Just sayin’.




The guy can rock blue and red (and blue and white, as well as white and red) like none other, mmhmm.


Not just that, but the suit is iconic. When people see him protecting them, with the bellowing red cape and the S upon his chest, they are filled with hope and strength.

That’s Superman’s greatest power: to inspire others.


Aptly highlighted in the opening of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


It’s actually quite simple. He inspires hope.

Hope for a better world, hope for better times, and hope for companionship amongst all life forms.


I think you’re right on the money here. I feel like a lot of people who aren’t familiar with Superman just think all of his appeal is “he’s strong”, but there are plenty of other characters who are also strong and they don’t have the appeal and longevity that Superman does.

  • To paraphrase Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Superman is the antithesis to the saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. I think that’s how he inspires hope. We know how powerful he is, and we know the good he’s going to use that power for.
  • The concepts of power and good vs evil are universal, and Superman is the epitome of that. That’s why his logo and name are so recognizable all over the world.
  • Superman is just an interesting character. Is he Clark Kent the farm boy? Clark Kent the reporter? Superman? Kal-El? Some folks (and books and movies/shows) have a definitive answer to that, but I just enjoy the different interpretations.
  • The visuals and fantasy of it all. I see the S & I feel the warm & fuzzy. I picture Supes gracefully flying across the Metropolis sky in that iconic suit. The fantastical element, with the action, adventure, and world building, should never be overlooked.

Superman is based on icons like samson and hercules. Superman made a huge impact since he first started in 1938 when he fought for those who felt they had no power against those in power. In the first superman story, superman saved a person from execution and currently, we have plenty of people in america who are innocent but are to be executed. In the first superman story, superman went after a political lobbyist of which we have plenty in current time. Superman is more relevant today than he was in 1938.


That’s why Superman will outlive characters like Homelander and Omni-Man


This clip

I always believe superman is what we need in our times, even when ourselves grow older and cynical of it. Shazam does something similar but Shazam is about still being that young person at heart and the wish fulfillment of being a superhero. Superman is us, when he becomes more than a hero, but a husband and father who will teach his children and others the same lessons he learned. Always aspire for a better tomorrow is what superman is to me.


Damn. Well said, man. Well said.


Because he can be a great role model for any generation, in the 50s, kids had George Reeves Superman, in 70s-80s kids had Christopher Reeve Superman, in the 90s kids had Dean Cain Superman. Today Kids have Henry Cavill Superman, when you look at each of these men that played Superman, they are great role models in their own time for any generation. :slightly_smiling_face: