why do you think of the dceu

tbh i still after all this time have high hopes for the dceu

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I LOVE the DCEU! I thoroughly enjoyed all the movies, perhaps excluding Man Of Steel. I still really enjoy watching Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad, despite what people usually say. I have very high hopes for the upcoming movies, especially Aquaman. At the end of the day, I think it’s just about personal tastes.


Its meh. But here they’re gonna do some sort of reboot since Cavill and Affleck are out. Hopefully it will get better from there, but im looking forward to aquaman and shazam

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I am sure that with the continued support from the DC Community the DCEU will thrive :slight_smile:

I mean have you seen Jason Momoa as Aquaman? I cannot wait!! What are you guys waiting for in the DCEU?

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The problem I had is that most of the movies (except Wonder Woman) took several re-watches to understand and appreciate the movie. Casual movie goers don’t want to have to watch a superhero movie multiple times for it to make sense. Hardcore DC fans are going to show up no matter what they put in the theater. So it’s the casual movie goer that they need to target. But I have high hopes for the future, Aquaman and Shazam look great so far.

I think it’s a mess. To each there own, everyone has their opinions and art is subjective. But I have not enjoyed the DCEU. Man of Steel had great action scenes but the characterizations where horrid. Suicide Squad felt cobbled together. Again, some nice action in Superman vs Batman but Lex made me want to puke who was it that Supe’s was fighting because that wasn’t Batman.

The only bright point has been with Wonder Woman. Strong and hopeful. Someone who has values and she upholds them, defends them. She won’t let their mission stop her from helping people that need it.

It’s just my opinion, you did ask for it. So there it is. I have my ideals of these characters and other than for W.W. they have not yet been met at DC.

I’m not as invested anymore. I’ll still “support” WB by watching their cbm’s but I’m done defending their creative and business choices. It’s just incredibly difficult for me to imagine a DC movie universe with no Superman and Batman.

Now that they’ve pushed back The Flash again, it’s pretty obvious that cbm’s aren’t a priority for WB. I’m tired of being disappointed and let down.

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I love the dceu and don’t think they need to rebooted I think they have there mind set on where they wanna take it I’m excited about the upcoming movies


I just want the dceu to start building to something so fans can start really getting behind the dceu personally I would love for the dceu to break the source wall and doing so can create many story opportunity and just tweak a lot of things so it’s not the same exact outcome as the comics but still something crazy coming and this will also put darkseid in the background for a lil longer I think it would be a mistake to build to him when the competition is already well underway


They aren’t terrible movies to me but all could and should have been much better. Now WB has made things messier and worse.

Part of me wants the DCEU rebooted but also think they should just continue and try harder as it wouldn’t be fair to Wonder Woman and I have faith in Aquaman and Shazam.

I’m excited for The Batman but that seems like it’s going to be a prequel anyway if rumors about a younger and fresher Batman is true

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I think Shazam! and Aquaman have potential, but while I have not found them as unenjoyable as most I do think they have been dissapointing. Most were decent (although they tried to cram way too much into Batman vs Superman when just having Batman and Superman in a movie together was enough) but that is just it, with the exception of Wonder Woman most have just been “decent”. It’s some of the most famous and oldest characters in all of comics, it should not be “ok”. I mean was Justice League horrible, no… it was fine. But a Justice League movie with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash shouldn’t be fine. How do you put all of them together and make it “fine”.

Their biggest problem is that they tried to play catchup and instead of letting it grow organically they tried to backwards engineer and focused more on world building in most of their movies over telling a story. Marvel is kind of like that now but even they don’t do it in every movie and they earned it.

Why would I be excited Ben Afleck’s Batman is on screen with Superman if I never saw Afleck’s Batman. If they had given each othe members their own movie first and then teamed them up even if the quality of the solo movies was on par with what we got it still would have sold people better. But they were all basically new characters so why would most be excited that a Flash they never saw save a couple cameo’s was in The Titans, especially when to most non comic fans the WB Flash is The Flash… you don’t just throw a new suit on someone say “this is the flash” in Justice League and expect it to sell.

Apparently DC has realized that focusing more on telling a story first and not making it all about world building works better so if they learned that lesson it might improve. But it is kind of damaged goods. I mean part of why Justice League failed is because after so many dissapointments fans were just tired of being dissapointed.

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you all made some great points about your opinion on the dceu but my hype for the dceu is all nostalgia and soon all of it will be gone im just hoping that real excitment will be coming and i wont have to rely on nostalgia