Why Do You Love Crazy Jane?

Over the last few weeks, and more specifically last week (Doom Patrol Episode 4 : Paw Patrol) we learn more and more about the many personalities oft he brilliant Crazy Jane.

Personally, the more I see of her, the more curious it makes me and she is easily becoming my favorite character in the show.

Today in the News Section, DCU posted a fantastic piece regarding 5 reasons they love Crazy Jane (link will be below) but I want to know, what are your opinions of Crazy Jane? Do you share the love? Let us know in the comments below. :slight_smile:

News Link: 5 Reasons We Love DOOM PATROL's Crazy Jane


Jane was the character I didn’t expect to love but dang did I fall hard for her. Diane Guerrero does such an amazing job switching back and for and bringing such energy to the role. I have not seen her before Doom Patrol but I think she is doing a fantastic job. Not to mention I imagine the constant costume changes per character is not an easy thing to handle while filming. I think it’s her acting that really makes me enjoy her. Of course Jane as a character is so interesting and different. She’s a breathe of fresh air in a very populated superhero world.


The mental “Underground Map” is an interesting character device. Beyond that, I don’t think she’s “all that and a bag of crisps.”

Deadman, The Spectre, Constantine, Billy Batson, Bats, Nabu, QH, Poison Ivy & Raven are all more fundamentally interesting characters from a psychological perspective.
Their mental “brokenness” are far more interesting because they are not on full display. Frankly I think Jane is a bit of a psychological cop-out as a character.

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In the comics I responded to her emotional vulnerability, but that hasn’t been nearly as evident to me in the show so far (unlike everyone else, whose vulnerability’s been amplified). Her personality seems to tilt towards tough, aggressive Hammerhead most of the time.



First let me just say that DC has a great way of making me care about it’s female characters, Marvel is very hit and miss with this. The last Marvel female character I cared about was Polaris in The Gifted and before that, Rogue from the original X-Men.

With that out of the way,

Crazy Jane is one of those rare type of roles/characters because it takes a special actor/actress to fill such a role. Much like James McAvoy’s performance as Dennis in Split, Diane Guerrero is able to flip the switch between sub-characters effortlessly. It’s something that many cannot do convincingly but she can/does.

I suspect Crazy Jane will be one of the more underrated female characters in DC tv because Doom Patrol doesn’t have the same following as (Teen) Titans, Gotham or Arrowverse but she’s a character that deserves more recognition.

I love that every personality has a unique superpower… I wonder, if she will ever be able to harness the unique power of all personalities at once, combine them to make a SUPER super power? There are so many mysteries, Crazy Jane is like a puzzle but that’s why I love her! :smiley:


She’s an interesting character along with all her personalities and Diane Guerrero is doing amazing with her…but I’m starting to dislike and getting sick of her after treating people and especially Cliff like sh*t!


Yo, I just wanna say, this actress really NAILS it. I don’t know much about Jane from the comics, as I am brand new to DP, however, if you took away the special effects shimmer when she changes personalities, you could still tell. It’s very subtle, it’s not ham-fisted, but there’s a light that changes, and she does a GODDAMN GOOD JOB of portraying that. Plus, considering she’s really playing 64 characters, it’s very much like that old saying about Ginger Rogers - doing everything Fred Estaire (sp?) was doing, but backwards, in heels. I hope she stays on the show for a long time, and has an amazing career beyond DP.


Because only nazis dont love Crazy Jane.

Also the actor portraying her is phenomenal!!! Pulling off all those different personalities :+1:t2:. Just amazing work.

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I dig Crazy Jane because she has a filthy vocabulary and I ****ing love it!

Seriously, I like Jane alot because she’s a fascinating character. What’s it like to have 64 unique personalities floating around in your head? For Jane to have the semblance on sanity that she is able to have and then deal with those personalities while also dealing with the oddball shenanigans of Doom Patrol life shows what a wonderfully strong person she ultimately is.

I really hope Jane can make peace with her personalities and ultimately live a healthy life. She certainly deserves it.

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