Why do we love Young Justice?

I love the show because it feels like a truly complete DC universe, with no rights issues blocking characters. Even though S3 was a bit messy, I believe it is all in an effort to set up an epic season 4. I also love Halo as a new character.

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I went into the first season with high expectations, and read all the time-in comics, but came away disappointed. Nothing since then has changed my mind. Sorry.


Season 3 was definitely a step back.

Hoping season 4 will be more like seasons 1 and 2.

With the Legion and Fatal Five joining the fray they have endless possibilities!


Complex storylines. Not childish. Story lines that span the whole DC universe.


Very concise, but I love this review, @mrjones_1980.54539. :smiley: I feel the exact same way about it.

Vietti and team even admitted that the Quari (spelling) refugee issue in markovia came about because of the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe at the time they were writing the show.