why do movies leave DC universe?

Why do movies leave DC universe? Doesn’t DC own the content? Where is it going?

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Movies rotate in and out because WB licenses it to other services, presumable to maximize their income.


I suspect, and I’m making this up completely, it also gives us the opportunity to hype stuff coming back. Like I have no interest at all in watching, like, Batman vs Dracula, but if you tell me I can’t, and then in six months say OKAY you can watch it, I’ll be so excited! I possess the psychology of a toddler, is what I’m saying.


Some might say the psychology of a Riddler, @biff_pow. :wink:

@ajm0605.44394, these folks have the right of it. DC Is owned by Warner Bros., which has distribution and exhibition licensing agreements across many outlets. Quite a few of these agreements existed before the launch of DC Universe, which is just another source of exhibition for these properties.

It’s not a very interesting topic if you’re not fascinated by intellectual rights, ownership, etc., but it is the reason we do not have everything DC forever. But we did recently get a big “win” by increasing our comics from a library of 2,500 to 20,000+, so please keep letting us know what you’d like to see!


As long as they never take comics off, I’m good. I spend about 90% of my time with the service with the books.


@lbsaint14 Zuda comics are leaving, but those are only a handful of small series that almost no one cares about