Why did I stop watching Black Lightning?

This show is so superior to the other CW shows (and I’m a fan of Flash, GA, and Supergirl)…it’s like it better belongs with the Netflix Marvel shows more than the other DC shows. The writing, acting, and plotting is light years ahead. I seriously love Flash for the characters, but the writing is sooooooo lazy. Black Lightning’s approach to social issues is also really sophisticated (for a super hero show). Supergirl makes an effort, but it’s comic book class by comparison.


This is also why I said in another thread that they should keep it separate from the Arrowverse. The tone, the social commentary, the writing separate it. I love all my CW superhero shows ( well maybe not Supergirl) but it did seem to fit in better with a Netflix tone than CW.

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I don’t think anybody asked you but alright