why did DCU remove Grant Morrison’s animal man series?

Why would they remove books that they own? Was just curious what the reason was?


The book was part of the Vertigo Imprint. DC Universe doesn’t carry any Vertigo due to licensing reasons. Jeff Lemire’s New 52 Animal Man, however, is on here and is a really good read.


Ah, ok that’s what I figured since the old school Hellblazer isn’t on here either. Thanks.

Wouldn’t that be the dream…if you told people they could read Sandman or Transmetropolitan, etc. for such a deal…hint hint but there’s probably a few issues (pardon the pun) to sort.

We’re sorry for any frustration that this has caused, @kalelofne80. As @Dexertebigboi explained, some content is removed or circulated out due to licensing concerns.

We do appreciate your question and for the passion that you have for Grant Morrison’s Animal Man series. Thank you so much for reaching out. <3