Why did DC not make better decisions on Titan looks.

They didn’t make beast boy green and star fire have golden orange skin with straight flowing hair. The actress is solid by all means but the look not correct for either. Raven doesn’t have the right sound either. But it is my opinion, maybe someone can explain this.

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Yeah, I’m nervous about Starfire. Is Raven adopted on Earth or something, because I have trouble believing her real mother doesn’t believe in monsters…

They should have to be slaves to what the comic book did. You all need to separate comic books from TV adaptations; you will live longer

@RobertScorpio being a comic fan is a gift and a curse sometimes. Everyone’s got it in there heads what their ideal version or depiction of a character should be, and when a movie/tv show/game doesn’t meet that expectation, it’s often met with disdain.

I personally don’t mind the looks of any of the characters. They’re not bad, they’re just different from what I’m used to.


You must have a different definition of what green is

Hopefully they dont screw up “David” aka superboy…

That should read They SHOULD NOT have to be slaves to the comic book versions

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