Why did Arrow get canned? (Imma fan)

So, I have some questions and I’m hoping you guys can give me some insight on the matter…

  1. Why did Arrow get cancelled?

  2. Was there anything that could have saved it?

  3. Is it true that Mia Smoak and William will have their own show next?

  4. How will this affect Flash, Supergirl, Legends Of Tomorrow and the upcoming awesome Batwoman?

Thank you for taking the time to read my questions. Have a great day :slight_smile:

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I think Arrow was at least in part Stephen Ammel was ready to move on. So not sure if it could have been saved.

As for how it will affect the others, hard to say since who knows what Crisis will hold but they could easily go on without him. The crossovers will be different though after Crisis, since most focused heavily on Flash and GL’s relationship.

It seems that it’s more just ending. I think that it’s lived a good life and the longer it goes on the worse it’s gonna get.



VERY interesting.

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they say it was Amell who wanted to leave at the end of season seven, but agreed to return for a ten-episode series finale this fall …

am also a fan, but hanging up the hood by way of Crisis is a solid way to save Arrow from itself, usher in a new era, and improve the other shows

still unconfirmed, I suspect those ten episodes will be the end of Oliver’s story, but not the end of the season … the second half could be all future time with William, Zoe, Mia, etc.

I just saw the video stream, seems like he wants to take a break from acting and be a father/husband, he said he doesn’t have any interest in Vancouver area any more. Makes sense.

He also stated that over 7 years, his life drastically changed and that I imagine this new beginning only reflects that.

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The ten episodes are going to finish out the show, they’ve said it. Overall, it was a combination of Amell ready to move on from the show and the show’s story coming to an end.

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His going to jail sort of book ends his story. If you go along with the origin captivity as the start. It just seems like it is time.

Well, it’s not getting canceled, it’s just ending. I personally think it’s because the show has “ran its course”. It’s bittersweet because it’s been one of my favorite shows and imo, the best of the Arrowverse programs. Truthfully, the ratings have reportedly not been so great, there’s been a decrease in viewers so it was just a matter of time…I will certainly miss these characters tho

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The shows trajectory has taken a turn towards the younger heroes now. I wouldn’t want a Mia and William TV show though. Just end arrow. Give us somebody else from the same verse.

Idk! Bring back the smallville writers. Let them teach these ppl how to write a good episode.

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