Why Detroit?

So I’m only on the first episode of Titans, I like it so far but my only small pet peeve is why is Dick Greyson based in Detroit and not Bludhaven? I mean it seems like a small minor change that wouldn’t do that much except ground the show more in the comic. I mean no one would be able to tell if they just called Detroit Bludhaven so why didn’t they? What was the creators reasoning for this?


Geoft Johns was born near Detroit.

They left the city almost immediately and then it was small towns, lonely isolated buildings, cars and trains. Not city like at all.

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Gotta be “grounded”.


It is kinda weird. Amy Rohrbach (Dick’s partner who is killed by the Nuclear fam) was Grayson’s partner during his time as a Bludhaven cop in the comics. Considering Dick skips town the first episode (and never returns to his job, also weird) they might as well have called the city Bludhavan

On the third episode now, I didn’t know Detroit was gonna be such a small setting if the show, either way they should of just thrown Bludhavan in there.

yes Johns is from there and I lived there for a bit. they need all the superhero’s they can get!

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Maybe “Grounded” was the wrong word but featuring Bludhavan would of further immersed me in the DC world and culture because so far out side of the few knods to Bruce Wayne and a small joke about the Joker there is not that much telling me I’m in the DC world. I am still only on the third episode tho.

(BTW did that joke that the cop made about the Joker seem weird to anyone else? “Maybe his last partner got hit with some Joker gas” kinda odd to me that the cops joke about a known killer as if he’s made up, almost like thats just a normal Gotham thing not a world problem and not our problem.)

When I say “grounded”, I don’t mean grounded in the DCU, I mean grounded in the real world. They didn’t go with Bludhaven because they want to make the show as “realistic” and “gritty” as possible. Which I hate. They left Gotham in there because it’s so iconic, but if Batman was a C- or D-list character I guarantee it would’ve been New York.

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It doesn’t seem like Dick will be returning to Detroit so it’s better they didn’t name it Bludhaven. He’s not even Nightwing yet so there is no point in him already having been in Bludhaven. Besides, Bludhaven is supposed to be close to Gotham and in the show it seemed like Gotham was very far away from Detroit.

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Let’s just all agree that “Titans” was a host of…‘odd’ decisions, good or bad.

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So far it’s not a terrible show, I will say that the Doom Patrol episode made me want to watch Doom Patrol so much more, but the show is alot of odd choices but the good kinda out weights the bad.

(I think they made Jayson very good, kinda annoying, he is a teenie weiny of the dark foreshadowing of what he will become)

I think Detroit makes sense in the context of Grayson wanting to get far away from Batman and hence Gotham.

Exactly bludhaven would be to close to batman and this batman isn’t exactly one to be around

It didn’t bother me. but i would prefer to see Bludhaven once Dick becomes Nightwing. I am guessing that costume will be more along the lines of YJ or The New Batman Adventures.