Why DC, Why?!

Back in the 90s why did DC comics have to turn one of my favorite hero Green Lantern Hal Jordan to a villain known as Parallax? I admit he looks cool as a villain. :slightly_smiling_face:

Because it was a 90s thing to do. Everything had to be turned over and mad grim and gritty. It was a gimmick that payed off much later but at the time it was just a ploy to check out what happend.


The 90s has to be the best decade for DC! They had 3 batman films, Batman:TAS, Superman: TAS, Lois & Clark, in comic the killed Superman, brought him back, married him to Lois Lane and turn him to blue energy hero, Broke Batmanโ€™s back, cut Aquaman hand off giving him a new look! Believe or not I thought Hal Jordan became a villain cause he was jealous of Kyle Raynor for becoming a new Green Lantern! :slightly_smiling_face: