Why can't I read a full book?

Theres only 3 pages to each comic here and i feel like it’s because i dont wanna pay and just make a new free trial every friday

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You have to download it. And you should definitely get this app! It’s epic


Why do you expect full access if you’re not willing to pay?


Yeah, as Redhood said if you’re literally seeing 3pgs your previewing comic not downloading it.


I’ve had that happen sometimes with Marvel Unlimited (which I do purchase) Usually force closing the app and reopening fixes it with MU. Try that (or logging out and logging back in)

Arrgh it’s been a long day. I missed where you said you aren’t paying


I feel for ya, I was up 27hrs & last night (actually would’ve been this morning) I messed up 3 things on 1 post & put it in the wrong category…

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3 pages to each comic sounds about right. Heck, they only have 4 issues of Crisis on Infinite Earths, so why bother to read more than 3 pages.

Good for you for not paying for the app. Wait until they get their act together and then pay.

Who am I kidding, that’s never going to happen. DC has proven they are no longer a comic book company with this miserable excuse for a comics section on this app.

Pay for Marvel Unlimited instead. You actually get comics to read!!!

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You have to click ‘download issue’. Otherwise you’re just previewing it.

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