why can't I find this film

Dude I remember a film where savage just wants to destroy half the planet flash runs so fast he gets old and dies and superman has to find batman because he has gone into like hiding and I can’t find it anywhere and I have no clue what it was called if anyone remembers it too please tell me

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Do you know how old the movie is? The only movie I can really think of with Savage is Justice League Doom…If you can get some more info i’m happy to find the movie for you.

Justice League: Doom

Wait never mind I don’t think flash does in that one xD

It does seem like it’s the same movie tho :thinking:

The Justice League, with Cyborg’s assistance, stop the Royal Flush Gang’s attempted robbery of a diamond vault using complex technology that allows them to pass through solid objects. Vandal Savage plots to start a new civilization by exterminating part of the population;

It’s probably that Shazam movie with Shaq.

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It might be an episode from justice league or justice league unlimited (haven’t finished those) or parts of it sound like different scenes from different movies. One part sounds similar to Crisis on Two Earths.

Maybe it was in a TV show but ik they dont have it available to stream on here but that doesn’t answer anything because some of the superman movies aren’t on here…

Um it has to be before 2010 because I haven’t watched it since I was younger

Sounds like a combination of Justice League Doom (2012) , and Justice League Crisis on two Earths (2010)