Why can’t they tell compelling stories on the big screen like they do with their animated movies/tv series?

Don’t they have the same writers and creative teams? It just seems like the live action movies can’t pull you in like the animated movies and series.

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I don’t know the real reason…but here is my two cents…
As for DC doing good series, compared to a movie…that is easy! Series are short maybe 20 min episodes, so if they jump through the story quickly no one really notices important things may have been skipped. Which means they only have to worry about the highlights of a story, a clue found, a compelling fight, short and quick dialogue.

Now for animated movies compelling compared to live action movies, that would depend on what movies you are referring to and what director! The Batman movies always seem to do pretty good (except for the latest Batman vs Superman). Yet, from my perspective the issue comes down to the story. They try to cram to much into 1.5 - 2 hr movie, plus instead of taking stories from comics, they make something up from a couple of comic stories…and that my friends does not work well! Marvel is kicking but because they started slow, and worked up to what they have now. DC is trying to copy that and pushing to hard. Suicide Squad was directed well, just the story was a bit much towards the end and with the ‘monsters’ in my opinion. Leave them out and have actual ‘bad guy terrorist’ types and maybe they have to track down and capture some metahuman or whatever…I don’t know…maybe they are just better at animation!

I think the DCEU so far is just trying too hard to catch up with Marvel that they ignore the character building part. Hopefully that will change, starting from the Aquaman movie in December.