why aren't the full comic series up to read?

Unless they start adding more comics to complete certain comics and add comics up to the up to date for the ongoing ones I’ll likely stop my sub after Titan season1 is complete because even manga apps have more varieties of mangas along with complete varies too. It shouldn’t be hard for them to do it, rather they are just holding back on us.

I think the developers are behind us in wanting more comics and now it is just a matter of convincing the corporate overlords to loosen up the restrictions. Hoping we hear something in the new year.

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Would think adding them right up to the current issues would be asking a lot, from what I understand even Marvel’s app doesn’t get that current. I mean yeah, it beats paying for them on the comic racks so would be awesome… but DC knows that if they did that they could lose a lot of money because then no one would buy new issues. Even if they actually did have virtually everything would assume it would have to be at least 6 months to a year behind.

I mean, fair enough if Green.Listener feels that way, if it isn’t what someone is looking for you sure aren’t obligated to keep paying. But I highly doubt it will be that, especially in a week before Titans is up. Just doesn’t seem like a reasonable expectation so soon.

I agree with dan. Marvel only has comics up to about 6 months from current releases. Asking for releases when they come out would not be a wise decision by dc. I personally would be happy with building the back library and possibly a year or two out. But at the moment especially the older comics.


@briantong Does DCU really want to add more comics and such?

Explain why there are only 4 issues of Crisis on Infinite Earths out of 12.

Why only one issue of 52, the weekly series?

Why no classic Sgt Rock, or Jonah Hex…and only 18 issues out of 1000 of Action Comics? :frowning:

Marvel Unlimited blazed the trail for how to do this right. I can go and see what comics came out the month of September in 1985. I can read comics from the 60’s up to 6 months ago like a weekly pull list. I can go find Secret Wars 2 and every tie in issue by looking up Events. How can I sort through DCU…A-Z.

So, tell me how they care about the comics version of this app. I would love to have a conversation or hear thoughts on how they will make this better.

So far, it’s pathetic.


Should make a different tier, full access to full comic runs 1 year and older.

$75/year for movies and tv

$150/year for movies, tv and comics

What we have now for comics is ridiculous…

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I doubt very much that DC Management will give us much of their 'essential catalog, especially permanently.


Given that, I would be satisfied with material that they are not reprinting like Spectre from Adventure Comics, Legion of Super Heroes, Enemy Ace and other works from Joe Kubert, Metal Men, Inferior 5, Earth 2, all printed in 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, All not in print.

Complete arcs only, including crossover issues.

At current price.