why aren’t there any watchmen comics

I want to read the watchmen comics and I don’t see any of them on here

Because people will still buy it’s trade in print. Too popular to give away for free


Agreed, that’s a book you buy so you can put it on a shelf.

I’ll agree that it’s a book you buy.

Watchmen, Dark Night Returns and the Killing Joke will never be featured at this site.

DC Comic makes a lot of money for these titles in the Graphical Novel Trade market

The Dark Knight Returns was here in full, but only for a limited time. I agree in that I doubt the full mini would be a regular addition.

To the OP, you can read the first four issues at Comixology if you’re a Comixology Unlimited member. The Watchmen and Before Watchmen trades are also available at Hoopla, which is free.

There is a new Watchmen series set to launch on HBO in 2019; the powers-that-be might be saving all of the goodies until then.

I would not be surprised if, in the lead up to the premiere, we get a bunch of Watchmen-related stuff the same way we’ve gotten Titans, Young Justice, Doom Patrol and Shazam tie-ins.

No Watchman, Hellblazer, or Preacher on this website? Heresy!

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There’s some Hellblazer available from Rebirth

I’m thinking that maybe those titles and a few others have a bit to much mature content for young eyes hence no V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Killing Joke.

Applejack said in another thread that Vertigo titles will come later, that this site will concentrate on the core characters of DC Universe first.

Slight correction! We have no plans to carry the Vertigo imprint on DC Universe at this time. There are some selections, like Swamp Thing, which support our upcoming original series, but otherwise we’re focusing on the core DC Comics publications. :blush:


AppleJack - in that spirit, would you say that Watchmen counts a core DC Comics publication?

On one hand, it’s got some really adult themes, language, violence and nudity.

On the other hand, cross promotion with HBO’s upcoming Watchmen series would be pretty groovy.

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Swamp Thing also wasn’t technically a Vertigo book until after the fact. Vertigo didn’t exist for most if not all of Moore’s run. It was released as part of the mainline DCU but got pulled into Vertigo along with Sandman because Karen Berger was editing both. The trade printings may carry the Vertigo brand but that’s a sort of retcon.