why are there two rebirth #1 for most title

Two aquaman. WW. Flash. Titans. Etc. all same month

Hey @Cade37 - that is a really good question! The initial number ones were released as primers/specials for the actual comic run itself and this is why we have multiple number ones in the rebirth series. I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:


There is a Rebirth issue for every series that started on the reset year. Called Rebirth #1. And then it comes the number one (actual number one of the series). It is confusing since on top it says Rebirth aswell to let you know back then that it wasn’t New 52.
I think of that as the Rebirth issue and then the next one is the real number 1.

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Not every Rebirth title started with an introductory one-shot but most did. Some series (Batgirl, Superwoman and Super Sons for example) started at issue number one and went forward from there.

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Wow. Great explanations. I thought I was crazy. ;).

While I kind of understand the logic of them doing it this way, I would have preferred them to make a “0” issue rather than the two number ones - particularly when the first #1 led directly into the second #1 like in Birds of Prey. I read the second #1 first and thought it just leaped into things and readers would be filled in as the plot continued. It wasn’t until after I finished that whole first arc that I realized I should have started with the other #1 first.