why are the newest animated films not on DC Universe?

Why havent batman hush or the batman ninja turtles movie been added to this network yet? I thought with this being the DC Universe they would have prioritized bring that content here

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Batman Hush will be here August 13

Batman vs. TMNT is a bit of a different situation. It was made in collaboration with Nickelodeon and features characters owned by them, so it’s probably much more difficult to secure the rights to.

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Squid got to it before I did lol

@theachenza67.34662 if you have any questions, feel free to check out the Watchtower forums. The moderators are always there to answer your questions.

How come we still don’t have “The Killing Joke” animated film on DCU?

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@lcjunkie.79167, Not all titles are available to us at this time due to licensing agreements with other vendors. We will keep you updated via the Watchtower of new additions to the service as and when they come.