Why are Teen Titans comics disappearing like greased lightning?

Checked out the Titans pilot and I like it because it was insane. Prepared to download some old New Teen Titans comics I’d never read and it turns out to be pointless because they’ll disappear before I have time to read them next week. Why? I know THAT DC Universe works this way, just, why, though? Rude.

Sorry to any powerless DC Moderator who has to justify this~


Hi prompto - We rotate our comics so there is always something fresh for the DC community to sink their teeth into. We have over 2500 comics available for your reading pleasure :slight_smile:

If you download comics they don’t disappear

I’m sorry moderator, but that makes zero sense. Are you saying there is limit of 2500 comics that you can show at one time? Is this a server issue? A contractual issue? A marketing issue? The boards are full of variations of the same question. Why are you pulling issues off and if you have to why so fast? There really hasn’t been any official response to this simple question and it’s getting pretty frustrating to say the least.


I agree, that answer is very vague and pushes me to want to cancel until I hear someone say that they have gotten their act together.


These comics are automatic…systematic…hydromatic…why they’re greased lightning!

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Whatever the reasons for the rotating comics selection, we can see that it is a big point of contention for our users. it is an issue that has been flagged to the Powers That Be, and there are conversations happening around what can be done to make a better experience for our users. The ability to make changes quickly does get a bit hindered by the usual slings and arrows of a large project, but you are heard and we are looking at solutions. Until such time that those solutions can be implemented, please continue to let us know what you think.


Rock on @Applejack, that’s the type of feedback we all want to hear.

Now can we please fill this thread with Grease references? Thx.


Keep up the good work @aphex978 - you are doing just fine :wink:

I wonder what an animated Grease/Batman crossover would be like

Danny - Joker
Sandy - Harleen Frances Quinzel
Kenickie - Edward Nygma
Rizzo - Echo
Sonny - Victor Fries
Frenchie - Pamela Lillian Isley
Pudsey - Oswald Cobblepot
Marta - Selina Kyle

How do you like those T-birds and Pink Ladies, @aphex978 ?

Joker and Batman racing for Pink Slips :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha perfect. Echo’s got a bun in the oven!

Make a suggestion. Part of my reason for joining is to read current comics to see what I like. I suggest putting new issues on for a few days. Take them off afterwards. If a person likes the issue. Offer to sell it digitally to them or promote another site on where you can buy it. That way people buy what they like and maybe buy additional comics afterwards. My thing with YouTube was I got a few issues of batman rebirth. Decided I liked it and started to buy additional comics of batman. Then batman led to me getting the new catwoman comics. People aren’t going to buy new anything if it doesn’t appeal to them.

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Hey Mod, I get the 2,500 issues part but why do a lot of them have to be single issues or incomplete story arc?


Everyone understands that there are 2500 issues on the service. But the problem is that a lot of us enjoy settling in and reading an entire run and basking in the continuity. Why should we feel rushed because the series we’re reading might get pulled suddenly? We’re paying good money for this service. We are DC’s best fans. We deserve to get the value we pay for.

Please, leave issues up indefinitely. The selection should be growing, not confusingly switching all the time. I know I speak for many, many other DC Universe members in saying that I will not renew if this doesn’t change.


I appreciate Applejack. At last someone pronounced himself. I have been commenting about this and reading so many people saying the same without any answer from Mods, that I felt left let down on this. Now that you, Applejack finally give us a little bit of something, I know we are gonna be more calmed looking forward to those changes you mentioned. Thanks.