Why Are So Few Of Superman's Rogues In Live Action Movies

Doomsday brainiac darkseid are my favorite superman bad’s

The big ones I think would most lend themselves to a movie today is Braniack… because he is easily the #3 Superman villain, as far as the comics he has squared off with Superman way more then General Zod who due to the movie has become the #2 villain, but actually considering how long he has been around and how popular he is has had relatively few stories compared to a lot of Superman’s other enemies.

I think Mongul would be a good fit for a movie which has the technology and money to do him justice now, vs if they did him during Christopher Reeves era. And Darkseid is likely going to be relegated to New Gods movies if they take off. So Mongul is a good one to use in lieu of him.

Also think Metallo would be a good one given a good story. Maybe a Lex Luthor story with him creating and using Metallo. Honestly I am surprised they never used him during the Christopher Reeves era, he had a more humanoid form in the comics back then and not like they couldn’t have had him just be human looking with a mostly hidden compartment with the Kryptonite. Would have seemed a logical one to have luthor create or team up with. Seems a missed opportunity.

I also think Cybor Superman would be a good one as he is a great villain, although would likely have to heavily re-work his origin. Hopefully doing it better then they did in Supergirl. I think too many people dump on Supergirl and the show doesn’t deserve it, but man they butchered Cyborg Superman in that show.

Bizarro would also be a good one, they could make it dark or even slightly more comical and easily work in Luthor for the “mainstream hook” saying he made Bizarro, not the first time they would have used that angle with Bizarro.

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I was fascinated and heartbroken when I learned Brainiac was the villain they were planning for Superman III but as we all know it developed into a substitute Lex and Richard Pryor building a computer that does kind of turn into Brainiac for a few minutes at the end. Can you imagine? Superman vs Colossus: The Forbidden Project or Supes vs Joshua from Wargames! The 80s versions of A.I., wonderful.

There’s Bloodsport, the racist who has a device that transports weapons from his armory to his hands.

Toyman would likely involve drones and that’s kind of become the D word in the media.

Has anyone ever noticed Toyman (Oswald with his duck car and his odd little minion penguins and targeting kids) and LeX (MaX Shreck) were in Batman Returns?

Lori Lemaris should show up during a movie b plot and be a disturbance to ClarLo. Not a villain, but still.

OOOOO, just realized Dabney Donavan is kind of an old school mad scientist Lex.

Would even Robert Zemeckis attempt a Mr. Myx movie? Maybe DC Universe could do a limited Supes vs Myx series? Like The Good Place they could change the nature of the show on a dime.