Why are people hating on Travis Scott's Batsuit?

Why are people Hating on him? I think his costume is great!! I like the brown color Bat suit. Also shows he is a fan of one most iconic superhero. I DIG this costume.


Clearly, they’re not fans of the Batman Returns suit. In other words, they’re monsters.


I just saw some memes of this earlier today and I was wondering where the image was from.


I didn’t even know this existed (I’ve been distracted by coverage of other things, you see…), but I like it. Looks really cool.


Ah ~ yes this is the perfect spot to promote one of my favorite Youtube channels :smiling_imp:
They covered it in a funny way. Overall either you like the brown suit or you don’t and that’s why people are making fun of it. Don’t think he should’ve deleted his instagram over this one thing.


Is this for cosplay purposes? Cause if so, the backlash is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY! I’m gonna go on a limb here and say those haters are gatekeepers, cause lord knows they never run out of anything to complain about and they view themselves as something that’s on top of a fandom hierarchy, to which I say, “to hell with that”. Let fans be fans, let them make what they want, and Jesus Christ if people hate something then they can just :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:ing scroll to the next thing! People just can’t let peace be a option can they? I happen to like this, in fact, I wish I had this level and talent when it came to making costumes. The only issue I see here is the :poop:talkers.


Agreed! I think it was for Halloween. Also if he made it himself Bravo! To me I get the NES Batman feel as that Batman version was purple.


Yes he should have not deleted his account. Your famous people will be haters.


Because it’s brown and he posted it on IG. Ppl online make jokes for the sake of being funny and trendy.

This happened to J Cole recently.

J know

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