Whose Voice Do You Hear?

When you’re reading comics, are there certain voices you imagine for characters? Are they people who actually voiced/played the character, or a fantasy casting? Or do you have your own voices for certain characters?

For example, my five favorite heroes:
Batman- Kevin Conroy, obviously. Though in the Silver Age I hear Adam West, and when he’s being a jerk I hear Linkara’s Batman voice.
Nightwing- Neil Patrick Harris voiced him in Under the Red Hood, and is by far the best voice for the character I’ve heard.
Oracle- I can’t find the actress’s name, but I like the way she sounds in DC Universe Online.
Wally West- Michael Rosenbaum. In fact, anybody who was in the main cast of the animated Justice League has their voice from that show in my head.
Hal Jordan- I like Nathan Fillion’s voice for him, but I’ve also tried imagining him sounding like Harrison Ford, and that works too. Kinda depends on my mood and the story.


I don’t know what this says about my state of mind, but when I’m reading Superman comics the “inner voice” keeps shifting with the era of the individual comic. So yeah, I’ll hear George Reeves in my head for most of the Silver Age stuff, but for everything else, it’s Christopher Reeve. Perry and Jimmy will also shift with the era, but a “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” is always in John Hamilton’s voice. Ma and Pa Kent are exclusively K. Callan and Eddie Jones. And I always hear Teri Hatcher as Lois, and that can get weird with those loopy Lois Lane Silver Age stories.


I don’t hear any specific voice for characters when reading comics. My mind forms a tone based on what I’m reading. For me the comics don’t capture the voice of a good voice actor, a good voice actor captures the tone of the comics.

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In red hood was NPH not the voice of Red hood and not NW?

I can only tell you that I hear Christopher Reeves’ voice for Superman. If I can imagine Reeves saying the line, it’s a good line. If I can’t? Bad line.

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@fansumtheory.16165: Jensen Ackles voiced Jason.

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well I learn something new every day!
Thank you BatJamags😁

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Batman: Kevin Conroy
Joker: Mark Hamill
Harley Quinn: Tara Strong
Superman: Tim Daly
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
Green Lantern: Nathan Fillon, Phil LaMarr
Alfred: Michael Caine
Flash: Michael Rosenbaum
Deathstroke: Ron Perlman
Lex Luthor: Clancy Brown
Nightwing: Neil Patrick Harris
Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr
Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson
Beast boy: Greg Cipes
Darkseid: Michael Ironside
Punisher: John Bernthal
Odin: Anthony Hopkins
Hela: Kate Blanchett
Doctor Strange: Benedict Cumberbatch


-Superman: Varies, but typically Christopher Reeve or Tim Daly.

-General Zod: Ron Perlman (he’s never played Zod, but he has a good voice for him) or Michael Shannon.

-Jor-El: Marlon Brando.

-Batman: Alternates between Kevin Conroy and Bruce Greenwood.

-The Joker: No contest, Mark Hamill.

-Mr. Freeze: Michael Ansara.

-Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg on occassion, but generally my own version of what she sounds like.

-Swamp Thing: Dick Durock.

-Shazam: Zachary Levi.

-Ambush Bug: Jim Carrey.

-Darkseid: Michael Ironside (fitting).

-Mongul: Eric Roberts or Keith David.

-Exotica: Janet Laine-Green.


A few more:

-Lex Luthor: Clancy Brown.

-Brainiac: Corey Burton.

-King Faraday: Ted Danson (he even looks like him, albeit a tad older)

-Jonah Hex: Josh Brolin and on occassion Mickey Rourke (think Marv from Sin City).

-Kilowog: Dennis Haysbert or Michael Clarke Duncan.


Kevin Conroy- Batman

Tim Daly or George Newburn- Superman

Mark Hamil- Joker

The GREAT Clancy Brown- Luthor

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Oh Michael Rosenbaum- The Flash

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For the villainous/criminal side of things:
The Riddler- Wally Wingert. He’s amazing in the Arkham games.
Catwoman- Eh, a lot of her voices sound pretty similar, honestly. I guess Grey DeLisle.
The Joker- Usually Mark Hammill, but sometimes Jack Nicholson. Maybe Caesar Romero for Silver Age stuff.
Darkseid- Michael Ironside.
Deathstroke- I like his voice in Young Justice, actually. I’ll go with that. That’s Fred Tatasciore, right?

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@BatJamags Wentworth Miller (CW Captain Cold) voiced Deathstroke on YJ once, but Tatasciore has played him continually since then.

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I think I posted something similiar to this once

oh nooooo if i plug Harrison Ford into Hal he might become my favorite and throw me into an identity crisis


I’m not really seeing Harrison Ford as Jean Loring, but whatever floats your boat.

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I’m not really seeing Harrison Ford as Jean Loring, but whatever floats your boat.

The “Post Comment” button has declared war on me today.


I hear a few famous voices mostly past people who played or voiced the character but some fantasy casting…

Whenever I read anything with Supergirl prior to her Superman/Batman reboot of the character I hear Helen Slaters voice.
I head the voice of Wonder Woman from the Super Friends whenever I read a comic with Wonder Woman
I hear the voice from the 60’s Superman cartoon whenever I read anything with Superman to this day. I don’t remember ever not hearing that voice when I read Superman.
I heard Wall West voice from the Justice League animated series whenever I read a comic with Wally West in it.
I have decided that Alan Tudyk should play a live action Ambush Bug and apparently I convinced myself since when I read Ambush Bug that DCU just finished adding I now hear his voice instead of the one I used to when I read Ambush Bug.
Batman is complex… when reading a Golden or Silver age Batman appearance or comic I hear Adam West, when reading one from the 70’s to the 90’s I hear the voice from the audio tapes that came with “The Untold Legend of batman” if anyone else ever had thouse, when I read current ones I hear one similar to the Batman voice that Christian Bale had.
When reading Green Lantern I hear nathan fillion’s voice, although usually with less of an accent.
Harley Quinn I hear the voice from Batman The Animated Series, I can’t even imagine her not sounding like that. One of the problems I had with Margot Robbie is she just ddn’t sound like Harley Quinn.
Darkseid sounds like he did in Super Friends when I read him.
Maxwell Lord sounds like Larry Hagman… My dad watched Dallas when I was a kid, I think most of that type of character sound like Larry Hagman. lol.

All I can think of now.