Who's you're all timefavorite assistant/sidekick?

Looking for more of a right hand man than a sidekick. I would love to hear everyone’s opinion. Who’s you’re favorite underrated and underappreciated wingman? Dont be to obvious with robin or Harley, get creative!

My top 3
Chas chandler
Doiby Dickles
Mercy Graves
And of course alfred


*Meant top 5. I got excited.




Kyro! I liked pieface better though…


I like War machine (joke), In all seriousness, that mullet guys falcon from Batman knightfall volume 1 is pretty epoc

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Beany Martin from The New Adventures of Superman.

Robin? Please. Beany is where it’s at.

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Good ol beany!!! I forgot about him.

Alfred Pennyworth
Mother Box - Mister Miracle
Mother Box - Orion
Monsieur Mallah

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It’s gotta be Skeets!

Alfred Pennyworth

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Sidekick - Robin
Assistant - Alfred

Skeets is awesome too though.

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Hard to go wrong with Mercy Graves. All versions of her have been badasp!

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Mercy is my girl


Alfred. He’s the guy you want in your corner when the crap hits the fan

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I’m going to go with Alfred, as others have as well.

While I could see Batman working for years without Robin, and he has, I think Alfred is far more indispensable. He reminds Bruce of his human needs, he’s there when he gets hurt, and is absolutely vital to keeping up the appearance of Bruce Wayne the billionaire.

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Gotta go with Skeets! Followed by the entire Legion of Substitute Heroes. Guess the future just offers better assistance.

Yea alfred is the obvious choice. Cant wait for the new show.

Petey from Dr. Fate