Who's Who Update '89

With Who’s Who Update '88 now being released, I thought I’d make a post covering Who’s Who Update '89.
Update '89??

Yes. DC did a mini Update '89 but instead of releasing an official update, they had several of their regular titles just run entries in the back of their Annuals for 1989.
This is similar to how DC printed the Who’s Who entries for the Doom Patrol members in Doom Patrol #1, but in this case these were all new and not reprints.

There were 13 titles in all involved, with 62 pages of new or updated entries.

Action Comics Annual #2 (Cat Grant, Matrix; 2 pages)
Batman Annual #13 -not currently on DCUI (Alfred Pennyworth, Barbara Gordon, Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Robin/Dick Grayson, Robin/Jason Todd, Vicki Vale; 8 pages)
Blackhawk Annual #1 -not currently on DCUI (Andre Blanc-Dumont, Blackhawk, Chuck Sirianni, Grover Baines, Keng Quan Chee, Lady Blackhawk, Olaf Friedriksen, Weng Chan; 5 pages)
Detective Comics Annual #2 (Catwoman, Clayface I-IV, Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Ra’s al Ghul, Riddler, Scarecrow, Two Face; 10 pages)
Dr. Fate Annual #1 (Dr. Fate II; 1 page)
Flash Annual #3 (Chunk!, Flash I-III, Jerry & Tina McGee, Joan Williams Garrick, Kapitalist Kouriers, Mary West, Mason Trollbridge; 9 pages)
Green Arrow Annual #2 -not currently on DCUI (Black Canary I & II, Green Arrow, James Cameron, Shado, Speedy; 6 pages)
Justice League International Annual #3 (Anatole Blazac, Boris Razumihin, Catherine Colbert, Cyndy Kurahara, Ernesto Lopez, Esteban Sanchez, Inada Akatsu, Joshua Barbazon, Michael and Lisa Morice, Rodan Katatami, Rosa and Dana Rubikskova, Tasmanian Devil; 3 pages)
New Titans Annual #5 (The Titan Seeds, The Titans of Myth, Troia; 6 pages)
The Question Annual #2 (Aristotle Rodor, Isadore O’Toole, Lady Shiva, Myra Fermin, The Question; 4 pages)
Secret Origins Annual #3 (The Antithesis, Bumblebee, Flamebird, Gargoyle, Golden Eagle, The Herald; 5 pages)
Swamp Thing Annual #5 -not currently on DCUI (Swamp Thing; 2 pages)
Wonder Woman Annual #2 (The Mayer Agency; 1 page)



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