Who's Watching Young Justice Enhanced?

The first three episodes have arrived! We have audio commentary from super fans, voice actors, and producers. If you’re smitten on fan theories and behind-the-scenes insights, this is the perfect way to sharpen your blade for Young Justice: Outsiders releasing next month.

Have you had a chance to watch them yet? What did you think?

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Nice, I’ll check them out in a while although I’m not sure about listening to super fans as I much rather have the voice actors and writers

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Yeah, “Super fans” sounds sort of cheesy. A lot of them are experts in the field. Let me know what you think when you get a listen!

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I’ll pass on the podcast peeps but am very interested in what production staff have to say.

OT: Applejack, did you receive my email from yesterday?


I can’t find the Enhanced episodes. I’ve searched but all I find is regular episodes of “Young Justice”

They’re on the main page as one of the featured things

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@Vroom, just answered!

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@gordyanson.20669, ack! I can see that the search feature isn’t returning it. Here’s a link you can use:

I watched all three today.

The best of the bunch was the one with the producers/creators/actor. It felt like a normal commentary track, but with the little head cartoons that informed the viewers about who was speaking. I very much like that part and look forward to more of these.

Also enjoyable was the one with the comic book creators. It’s great hearing comic professionals act like fans when describing their experiences with the show.

The last of the Episodes fell flat for me. The ‘super fans’ (I guess?) simply seemed interested in snarky commentary ala MST3K. I’m just not at all interested in watching folks lampoon a show I enjoy so much.

Looking forward to next Tuesday already!


That’s why I don’t like the podcast element. They think their poopy comments are hilarious. They could never have the charm or wit of MST.

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I just finished watching both seasons for at least my 10th to 15thx when they announced the enhanced episodes. But of course I’m going to watch them. I hardly need a nudge let alone an excuse to rewatch any dcau show.

Really enjoyed the third episode. Hearing what the people that actually worked on the show have to say is insightful and a great bonus. The behind the scenes information that only the people involved in the show know is fun content I’d watch again.

The second episode is okay. It has a lot of trivia. Ultimately, it was not something I’ll be watching when the next batch of “Enhanced” episodes come out.

The first episode, I’m sorry, but it didn’t add anything for me. It was like watching reactors, but ones I wouldn’t say were too funny or insightful. It was kind of messy.


I will be watching