Who's watching The Boys

Scrolled down quite a bit, saw no thread on the topic.

Asking cuz why not, DC published the first six issues.


Anthony Starr makes the show. His performance as Homelander is phenomenal. At first, I felt he was playing a weaker version of the comics’ Homelander, but after that finale… nevermind!

One thing I love…

Both Billy and Homelander murdered a person after the respective victims learned a secret about their killer (Mesmer seeing Billy’s mind; Homelander whispering whatever he whispered to Shue).

Basically showcasing that these are two peas in different pods, but similar. And I hope the show doesn’t deter from this, they are both bad cookies…at least the comic versions.

What I didn’t like…


The Black Noir reveal in the comics is one of my favorite things.

For years, Homelander is driven insane because he thinks he has performed the actions that Black Noir is responsible for. And for years, Billy carries a hate for Homelander that deservedly goes to Noir.

But with that finale, I feel the show won’t go this route. Which makes me a sad panda.



I watched them all already, it was amazing!


The show is phenomenal!!! Expert writing, direction, and tone. It really helped me feel secure in my position that the reason I don’t like other shows isn’t because they’re dark. This show is gruesome, gory, and dark. Loved every second of it (although, even I had to take a break every once in a while to cleanse my palette lol).


Amazing show