Who's watching DC Daily? What are your thoughts? I'm enjoying it.

I’m behind, I need to watch yesterday & today’s episode. I’ve been watching Static Shock. I never actually watched the series, I’m happy I finally get to watch it. I enjoy what DC Daily is putting out. I was kinda expecting everyone to be appearing in every episode with more to show, but it’s perfect for people with short attention spans, lol. I’d like to see more comic book talk, and I’d like to see the talk with the writers & artists! That would be fun.


I enjoy it, just not a fan of the splitting of the videos. I also wish it was a 40 minute show instead of 10-20 minutes, but thats a nitpick.

I like it a lot. I think they spoil some things too much though.

I enjoy it. I don’t mind the split up videos, but it’s awkward on the Roku player because they fade out one part before it’s done to show you the next one. it’s more seamless on desktop. I actually think 15-20 minutes is a really good length. Too much longer and it’d be hard to keep up with daily.


I like it and get why it’s split. It’s to help viewers choose the sections that most interest them to watch or they can watch the whole show. And I think the way it’s produced now with headlines, an interview and a panel discussion is fine for the 10-12 minutes. It’s very hard for this kind of genre-driven service to come up with fresh content 5 days per week.

I like it. I always look forward to watching it everyday.

I enjoy it but I honestly thought there would be more to it. Also I miss Jason Inman as co-host.

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Yes I like it too and I’m caught up, it’s informative and entertaining. Also, I believe the reason it is light is to minimize protraction.

Love the episodes I’ve seen! However I’m one of the idiots whip thought the app would be available on my Fire TV. And I don’t love watching videos on my phone. However I may just have to do it anyway.

I’m a few issues behind on most current titles, so I plug my ears and hum when they are talking about new book releases, but aside from that I enjoy it a lot! Short enough to not have it take up a lot of time, and quick topics.

I’m enjoying the show but she seems to be Clueless where was there any mention of Heroes in crisis that comes out Wednesday

Maybe they were highlighting comics that haven’t had their ads plastered everywhere for months?

I like it but I’d like to see more of a wrap up with Tiffany closing the news after the talk segment.

I enjoy it. I hope to see some more in depth features with legendary creators like the one they did with George Perez last week.

DC Daily doesn’t have a comments section and desperately needs one. Episode 15 had me going nuts about Trent Reznor scoring Watchmen which got me stoked for this show, but made me annoyed with the panel discussion about the Dark Knight Returns. Sam said he read the pages 30 times when Batman and the Joker fought in the love canal. 30 times!?! He never understood that Batman literally killed the Joker and the fact that the Joker finishing the job was actually in Batman’s head.

Today’s show was a little light on news. It announced a few comics and showed more pictures from Joker. I did like the panel talking about Superboy.

I’d like to be apart of the panel its awesome

It’s sad to hear them dissing some of these ridiculously silly and campy shows like The Adventures of Superboy. Might be better just didn’t even bring it up as plenty of other content on this site.

Im just wondering where Harley Quinn Smith is

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Love IT!!!