Who's The DC Character From Emojis

Is No. 5 Daemon Rose?

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Yes indeed! You are on a roll!

And that’s one of the three characters with aliases/codenames uncovered.

tally table
challenge solved winner winner chicken dinner solution
1 :older_woman::ghost::imp:
2 :mechanic::peanuts::peanuts: :ballot_box_with_check: @RexRebel Harold Allnut
3 :bookmark::waxing_gibbous_moon::horse_racing:
4 :magic_wand::boy::sagittarius: :ballot_box_with_check: @DreamingGirlWonder Tim Hunter
5 :imp::rose::leo: :ballot_box_with_check: @RexRebel Leonardo Lane (Daemon Rose)
6 :wildstorm_universe::skull_and_crossbones::rose: :ballot_box_with_check: @RexRebel Rose Tattoo (♫♪♪)
7 :sunrise::1st_place_medal::imp:
8 :test_tube::00_teen_titans::eyeglasses:
9 :tongue::thong_sandal::sweat_drops:
10 :butterfly::computer::sleeping_bed:

My last guess for the day, though I am not as convinced on this one.
Is No. 8 Silas Stone?

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Nope. See earlier hint on this one.

Bonus hint: This character is much younger than Silas or either Mr. Terrific, both in in-universe age and date of creation.


Well, I’ll make one more guess based on those clues?
Is No. 8 Conner Kent

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Haha, fair enough. I’ll be here. :smiley:
Sadly, though, nope. Not Conner. But you’re getting into the right corner of the DCU.


Mother Mae-Eye? Or Charity Bleak?

And for some reason I want to say 9. is G’nort


Ohhhh, no. Both are excellent guesses, but the target is far more recently introduced.

Hilariously, this is in some ways very close, and in some ways the polar opposite character.

So, time for some hints. How’s about a vote?

  • Year of first appearance (pool)
  • Creator (paired pool)
  • Creator (unpaired pool)
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Hints thus far:

  • The same emoji is used with different context for different characters.

  • Only three of these characters have a code name or alias they are known by other than their given name.

    • The one identified thus far has actually had the least appearances of the three, though all three have had less than 30 apperances to date.
    • The one identified thus far [spoiler]has had the third least appearances of all characters on the list. (i.e. two other characters yet to be uncovered are slightly more obscure than him, but the rest are more “well known”…)
  • #1 is similar to Granny Goodness in many respects, but definitely Earth-born.
    • She is someone’s mother.
    • She is older than Angela Roth in age.
    • She was introduced far more recently than Angela, Mother Mae-Eye, and Charity Bleak.
  • For #8, [spoiler]do not take the first emoji literally, but take the second one very literally.
    • (That’s not a T-sphere!)
    • This character is younger than Silas Stone and (both) Mr. Terrific(s) in both age and date of creation.
    • This character is in the same corner of the DCU as Conner Kent.
  • For #9, this character is both very similar to and very very very different than G’nort.

Only three votes so far?
Okay, well, 2 to 1 is still a majority, but I’ll give folks until morning to vote while I gather up the data.


Okay, I meant Wednesday morning, but my work schedule had other plans. We’ve got additional votes, but the winner is still Year of First Appearance Pool … so here it is.

For initial obfuscation, the four solved thus far are not omitted. But shouldn’t be hard to tick off if you want to.


May X’hal have mercy on your soul. This is not a hint. But I suppose, telling you it is not a hint, might, in itself, be a hint.